Student Government Committees


Academic Quality Committee
This committee composed of Student Government members, will focus on whether students are receiving quality education: Such issues will focus around professors, work-standards, and facilities in which we are pursing our academic degrees. The Library Project will be included in this committee.

Archival Committee
This committee is for any student who will perform research like work in which Student Government Board members will investigate Student Government Board's past, present, and future here at Neumann University.


Campus Improvement
This Committee is formed in order to help identify locations on campus that could be revitalized. The committee takes into consideration of students on campus in which they would like to see changed.  The committee is responsible for taking in proposal and implements these considerations.


Color Walk for Cancer Committee
The Color Walk committee begins the fundraising, and organization for the annual Color Walk for Cancer that is held here on Neumann University’s campus. The money raised goes to help endow a scholarship for an undergraduate student seeking a degree at Neumann University who has lost a parent or guardian to cancer.


Finance Committee
This committee is composed of Student Government Board members who make recommendations regarding Student Government expenditures.

Judicial Committee
This committee is composed of appointed Student Government Board members only. The Chief Justice is the appointing officer. The purpose of this committee is to address Student Government Board peers by Student Government Board members, when a violation of the Constitution, By-Laws, code of conduct, or of state, or federal law, that of which is applicable here at Neumann University.


RLAB Committee
The Residence Life Advisory Board is an SGA Committee with the goal of voicing the concerns of resident students. Students from each house of the Living and Learning Complex are to act as representatives to the board. RLAB will also work to create events for the resident population.

S.E.P.C.H.E. Committee
This committee is through appointment only, and will be enacted upon successful progress of other committees; however, it is the South Eastern Pennsylvania Consortium of Higher Education, which has a strong relationship between 8 other colleges and universities. It is important to maintain a positive and active participation with other colleges and universities. The President and Vice President for Academic Affairs of Student Government Board will chair this committee.


Student Engagement Committee
The Student Engagement Committee is a committee that allows Student Government members to advocate who we are as a member and what our role is on campus. The committee expresses the need to engage with other students, clubs, new students and faculty members of the Neumann community. The goal is to follow the mission and understand the values of the Neumann community and respectfully contribute to the needs of the University. 

For more information about these committees, joining a committee, or starting a committee, please contact the Vice President for Academic Affairs of the Student Government Board.

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