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Student Government Committees


Judicial Committee: This committee is composed of appointed Student Government Board members only. The Chief Justice is the appointing officer. The purpose of this committee is to address Student Government Board peers by Student Government Board members, when a violation of the Constitution, By-Laws, code of conduct, or of state, or federal law, that of which is applicable here at Neumann University.

Finance Committee: This committee is composed of Student Government Board members who make recommendations regarding Student Government expenditures.

Constitution Review Committee: This committee is composed of any student who will aid in the revision of the Student Government Association. This position is for people who need to pay attention to minute details, understand and implement appropriate use of the English language, adding or omitting of words or phrases that may be confusing or contradicting; and ultimately affects in the way Student Government Board functions. The changes you make in this committee affect future Student Government Boards for years to come.

Recruitment Committee: This committee is for any student, who will focus on obtaining new members for vacant positions, non-SGB members, recruitment for next years SGB, and to design a comprehensive pamphlet on recruitment techniques for SGB for Neumann University. Your ideas are crucial for development, but even more importantly is active participation in physically recruiting people.

Publicity Committee: Any Student can participate on this committee. This committee markets Student Government Board in a professional manner that is appealing to the student body. The purpose is to help make students aware of meetings and votes. The News Letter Project will be included in this committee: the News Letter Project will focus on issues that affects both students and Student Government Board, problems, resolutions, elected officials, and much more

Administrative Relationship Committee: The purpose of this committee is for Student Government Members to develop a positive and effective relationship with certain university officials. It is hoped that through this committee that Student Government Board gain more privileges to have a voice in student concerns that we are usually not made aware (e.g. tuition change, faculty changes, etc.) To gain a standard by which Student Government Board are invited to make statement about certain issues that affect the student body. This is to protect the interest of the students.

Academic Quality Committee: This committee composed of Student Government members, will focus on whether students are receiving quality education: Such issues will focus around professors, work-standards, and facilities in which we are pursing our academic degrees. The Library Project will be included in this committee.

Zone Committee: This committee, in which is one large committee, but works as two groups, or more. There will be a Security Group and Maintenance Group. Security Group will focus on any issues effecting campus safety. Maintenance Group will focus on issues that affect the cleanliness of the campus and issues that affect any conditions that effect residents in their dorms, but may extend to all campus issues.

Archival Committee: This committee is for any student who will perform research like work in which Student Government Board members will investigate Student Government Board's past, present, and future here at Neumann University.

S.E.P.C.H.E. Committee: This committee is through appointment only, and will be enacted upon successful progress of other committees; however, it is the South Eastern Pennsylvania Consortium of Higher Education, which has a strong relationship between 8 other colleges and universities. It is important to maintain a positive and active participation with other colleges and universities. The President and Vice President for Academic Affairs of Student Government Board will chair this committee.

For More Information about these Committees, Joining a Committee, or starting a Committee, Please Contact the Vice President for Academic Affairs of the Student Government Board

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