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Rendell Appoints Peri to State Board of Education

Jonathan Peri
Jonathan Peri, Esquire

Governor Edward G. Rendell has appointed Jonathan Peri, Esq. to the Pennsylvania State Board of Education on the recommendation of Senators Dominic F. Pileggi and Edwin B. Erickson.  Peri’s bipartisan appointment received the unanimous consent of the Senate. 

Peri is Vice President and General Counsel for Neumann University. His commission on the Board of Education began on October 13, 2010, and he will serve for a six year term on the Board and its Council of Higher Education.  The Council and 22-member Board meet at least six times a year.


Peri has served with Neumann University since July of 2006.  In his capacity as Vice President and General Counsel, he oversees a wide range of legal and certain administrative matters for the University.  Peri, who is ranked as an Assistant Professor, holds a Juris Doctorate from Widener University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Villanova University. He received a management and leadership in education certificate from Harvard University and has completed the Leadership Institute for Administrators in Catholic Higher Education at Boston College.


“Mr. Peri’s appointment to the State Board of Education is a result of his proven expertise in law and his passionate dedication to higher education,” said Dr. Rosalie Mirenda, President of Neumann University. “The University community is proud of his splendid accomplishment.”


The Pennsylvania State Board of Education has the power and duty to review and adopt regulations that govern educational policies and principles and establish standards governing the educational programs of the Commonwealth, upon recommendation of its councils.  The Board also has the authority and duty to approve or disapprove an application for the creation of a new school district, or change in the boundaries of an existing school district; establish committees of professional and technical advisors to assist the councils in performing research studies undertaken by them; manage and have custody of the State School Fund; apply for, receive and administer Federal grants, appropriations, allocations and programs within its purview; adopt policies with regard to institutions of higher education; and, adopt master plans for basic and higher education.  


The Board also sits as the State Board for Vocational Education and in this capacity sets policy and promulgates regulations regarding vocational and technical education in Pennsylvania.


The State Board of Education engages in a constant review and appraisal of education in the Commonwealth.  The board’s evaluation takes into account such matters as educational objectives, alternative organizational patterns, alternative programs of study, and the operating efficiency of the education system.


The Council of Higher Education has the power and duty to develop a master plan for higher education in the Commonwealth for adoption by the Board; develop standards for the approval of colleges and universities for granting of certification and degrees; develop standards for all higher education building projects involving the use of State funds or the funds of any Commonwealth instructional; and, investigate programs, conduct research studies and formulate policy proposals in all areas pertaining to higher education in the Commonwealth, including a system of community colleges and technical institutions as provided by law.



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