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Neumann Student Races for Cystic Fibrosis


Kaitlyn Broadhurst
Kaitlyn Broadhurst celebrates her
second place finish with her
trainers Kristin Gavin and
Nikki Thiemann after a race.

Neumann University student and Prospect Park resident Kaitlyn Broadhurst recently placed second in a mountain bike race to support those living with cystic fibrosis. Broadhurst has cystic fibrosis as well and races for Team CF.

After Broadhurst completed an internship at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, she was recommended by the Delaware Valley Chapter to Dr. James M. Wilson at the University of Pennsylvania, who recently founded Team CF. The team needed a face that would inspire others affected with CF; Broadhurst was a natural choice. She also runs cross-country and track at Neumann. “I just wanted to show everyone they can get out and do something. The more people with CF exercise and use their lungs, the more they clear them out,” said Broadhurst.

Broadhurst’s upcoming goals include completing a cyclocross, which consists of many laps on a short (1.5–2  mile) course featuring pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carry the bike while navigating the obstruction and remount. She will also be participating in the upcoming Eurand CF Cycle for Life on Sunday, October 10, at Penn State Great Valley in Malvern.

“I think people can get out there and do something about their condition, no matter what it is,” she said. “It is a blessing in disguise that Cystic Fibrosis is my fuel to improve and my competitor to outlast.”

Cystic fibrosis is a life-threatening genetic disease that causes mucus to build up and clog some of the organs in the body, particularly the lungs and pancreas. When mucus clogs the lungs, it can make breathing very difficult. The thick mucus also causes bacteria (or germs) to get stuck in the airways, which causes inflammation (or swelling) and infections that lead to lung damage.



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