Senior Nursing Student Advocates for her Patient

Lisa Kueny and Elizabeth Loeper
Lisa Kueny with Assistant Professor Elizabeth Loeper 


Neumann University nursing student Lisa Kueny learned a valuable lesson in patient advocacy while she was completing her clinical rotation in obstetrics at a Delaware County hospital. The experience not only helped her patient, but also reinforced the skills Kueny needs to be a caring, compassionate nurse.

Kueny’s patient had just delivered a baby and was interested in breastfeeding her child. Normally this would not have been an issue, but in this case, the mother was incarcerated. After her recovery in the hospital, she would be returned to prison and her baby cared for by relatives.

The hospital nurse who was in charge of the patient did not encourage her patient to breast feed because of her impending return to prison. Kueny saw things differently.
“My patient had a history of depression and that made me want to advocate more for her,” she said. “I had to approach the RN and be very professional. I was a little bit nervous as I told her what I wanted to do,” Kueny said.

After convincing the hospital nurse, Kueny called social services and got her patient a breast pump. She received support and technical advice from her Neumann University professor Elizabeth Loeper, who is a lactation consultant.

For Kueny, it was a valuable lesson on many levels and one that she will always remember.

“What I took away from it was that advocacy is just as important as patient care,”
she said.



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