Neumann University - Chemical Hygiene Plan


Section 5         Chemical Spills, Accidents                date:  7/1/2003

                        and Emergencies                                revised:1/24/2005. 4/27/2006


5.1 Emergency Response.  The University’s emergency response procedure shall be posted at the entrance to each chemistry lab and chemical storage area. Phone numbers of the chemistry faculty to be contacted in the event of an emergency shall be kept in the security office.


5.2 Fire. In the event of a fire the first response should be to sound an alarm by 1) calling security at ext.5555 or using the red emergency phones located in the hall outside the chemistry labs or pulling the nearest fire alarm box and 2) warning others in the area. Fire extinguishers can be used to extinguish a small or contained fire provided the individual using the extinguisher has been trained in its proper use.


5.3 Chemical Spills. The proper way to respond to a spill is to be familiar with the hazard properties of the spilled chemical. Spill containment and clean up materials are available in labs 345 and 358. Students or assistants should first contact a chemistry faculty member or the Laboratory Manager before attempting to clean up a spill. A decision can then be made about the appropriate response, which will depend on the size of the spill and the hazard potential of the chemical.


5.4 Significant Exposure. Students and student assistants shall be instructed on the location and correct use of the emergency shower and eye wash stations.


5.5 Medical Emergency. The University policy on medical emergencies is posted at the entrance to the laboratories.