Neumann University - Chemical Hygiene Plan


Section 3         Control Measures                  date: 7/1/2003   



1.0  Control Measures


The intent of control measures is to limit potential exposure to hazardous chemicals. The exact control measures used must fit the nature of the hazard and the potential for exposure. The chemistry instructor or other chemical professional is expected to use their best professional judgment to determine what specific control measures may be needed to address any particular situation.  In the instructional setting at Neumann the main control measures are 1) laboratory fume hoods 2) personal protective equipment 3) ventilated chemical storage cabinets and 4) emergency equipment.


3.1 Fume Hoods


Fume hoods should be used when working with:


Fume hoods shall be inspected quarterly as part of the lab safety inspection to check

1) that the facial velocity is sufficient and 2) that  chemicals are stored properly and without clutter.


3.2 Personal Protective Equipment






3.3 Ventilated storage cabinets.


These cabinets are in the storage room within room 345. Organic chemicals that are liquids are stored in these cabinets. Spill containment should be used in these cabinets were appropriate.


3.4 Emergency equipment