Neumann University - Chemical Hygiene Plan



Section 2 Training and Information date: 7/1/2003

revised: 1/24/2005


1.0  Training and Information


Student assistants employed by the college and under the direction of the Laboratory Manager with the responsibility to prepare laboratory solutions and set up labs will receive the training. Chemistry adjunct faculty will also receive training. Training will be the responsibility of the Laboratory Manager or a designated member of the chemistry faculty. Training topics shall include the following items.


        Read the CHP with emphasis on the SOPs.


        Learn to recognize hazardous chemicals via signage or container labels.

        Good laboratory practices including how to handle safely chemicals and limit potential exposure by wearing eye protection, lab aprons and appropriate gloves, clothing and closed shoes.


        Know how to access information on hazardous chemicals using the Material Safety Data Sheet, MSDS.


        Know the specific hazards of chemicals used.


        Understand Permissible Exposure Limits for OSHA regulated chemicals and Threshold Limit Values(TLV) for chemicals they use so they can avoid overexposure.


        Know how to appropriately dispose of any waste or unused chemicals.


        Know how to respond to an emergency such as a spill, fire or injury.