Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a lending service provided by the Neumann University Library for current students, faculty and staff of the University. This service allows members of our community to expand their borrowing power by providing them with the ability to request books and journal articles that are not part of the Neumann University Library collection. The Library uses ILLiad to make and fulfill all inter-library borrowing requests and you will need to create your own account in order to submit a request.


Unlike networked Neumann services, you will be required to create a username and password of YOUR CHOOSING, so be sure to record that information in a safe and secure place. Setting up your account will also require you to link to an email address for receiving updates and notifications. For copyright reasons, this email account MUST be your Neumann University email address.


If you already have an ILLiad account, click here to login


What May Be Requested:

  • Books and journal articles, not owned by the library or found full-text in one of the online databases, may be requested through ILL. Requests for items that the Library owns will be rejected.


Borrowing Articles:

  • All article will be delivered directly to your ILLiad dashboard as a .pdf file, and will remain there for 30 days, after which time the article will be deleted. Once deleted, articles CANNOT be retrieved, so please print or save them immediately.


Borrowing Books:

  • Borrowed books will NOT be delivered to patrons, but can be retrieved from the Library Main Desk. (For questions and/ or exceptions, please contact ILL Specialist: 610 361-5216).

  • Book requests generally take a week to 10 days to be received by the Library.

  • Loan periods will vary as they are determined by the lending Library.

  • Renewals are permitted, but must be made 4-7 days before the due date and are not guaranteed. No renewals made for overdue materials.


Making Requests:

  • Requests should include all pertinent information, such as volume, issue, date, author, titles, etc. Please include the ISSN number for journals or the ISBN number for books whenever possible. Complete citations save time and may prevent your request from being rejected.   


How Many Items Can Be Requested:

  • There are generally no limit to requests, but during high traffic times they may be limited to ten (10) per person per day.


Overdue or Lost Materials:

Neumann University Library no longer charges overdue fines, but often fines will be charged for overdue ILL materials by the loaning institutions. You will be responsible to pay any fees or replacement costs incurred from overdue or lost materials and your ILL borrowing privileges may also be revoked. Overdue materials and unpaid fees may also result in a hold bing placed on your University account, which would prevent you from obtaining grades, registering for classes, etc. Please contact the Library for details regarding fees and their payment.


PLEASE NOTE:  Library staff work diligently to honor your requests. However, the nature of inter-library loan requires the cooperation of outside institutions and therefore CANNOT BE GUARANTEED. If you do not receive any communication from ILLiad within two weeks, please contact the ILL specialist at 610-361-5216.

Click HERE to create your new ILLiad account and start borrowing.


Additional Resources:


Creating your Account:  Written Tutorial
  Video Tutorial




If you need assistance please feel free to contact the Library at any time by calling the Circulation Desk at 610-558-5545 or via e-mail at

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