English majors Megan McDermott
and Joshua Reynolds describe
the value of their
service-learning experience
Knight Writers


Adaptability, imagination, and the power to communicate - these are three qualities essential for success in today's challenging and rapidly changing society. And they are three of the key qualities developed by the English major at Neumann University. The study of language and literature has long been thought to produce both breadth and flexibility in thinking and attitude - valuable assets in
a changing and culturally diverse society. Such study also encourages the development of clear and persuasive communication, analytical skill, cultural and historical insight, and creativity.


Neumann University students majoring in English have the opportunity to practice these career skills and to foster their creative talents by contributing to the university newspaper, The Joust. By working on the production staff of this publication, the English major can build a portfolio essential to future study and employment.


Another important quality that this program fosters is individualism. Neumann's English program is not like those of most other colleges. Neumann gives its English majors the opportunity to develop highly individualized programs of study. In consultation with their advisors, and guided by their own personal interests and career goals, students can select up to 70% of their English courses themselves. Choosing from a range of possible course combinations, they produce those programs which best fit their career goals.


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