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Professional Studies

The Professional Studies Degree Program is an accelerated degree completion program based on the critical competencies needed by today’s workforce, as identified by and for many leading employers.  The program reflects a foundation of business related skills and knowledge, and it is based on practical application of what is learned in the classroom, for which Neumann University is known.  Each course includes:


  • Practical applications of what is being learned in class through Experiential Learning Projects, where students apply what they are learning to a real-world situation—an ROI for businesses who support their employees as students, to work on initiatives from their respective places of work

  • Case studies, to examine how best to solve programs and identify solutions

  • Best Practices, using examples, insights and guest presentations in businesses and organizations of all kinds

  • Presentational Speaking

  • Enhancement of writing skills through written research projects

Through Professional Studies, you can develop, enrich and improve key competencies sought by today’s organizations while moving through an academic, accelerated degree program. 

Uniquely Personal

Because every student is different, and brings varying amounts of prior learning credits and experience, your Program Plan will be unique to your own interests and needs – no two Program Plans are alike!  Therefore, scheduling an appointment with an Advisor in the Division of Continuing Adult and Professional Studies program is critical to both creating a plan toward degree completion and getting started. 

You can begin at the start of any course, and you may apply up to 90 transfer credits into this 120 credit program, consistent with current policy, via college or university credit, documented prior learning, military credit or other methods.  You may have accumulated credit through your respective places of employment-credits that may be applied to your degree requirements.  Examples include certificates of program completion, military training documents, and professional licensures.  There is no guarantee of such credit until appropriate documents are evaluated in detail by the Division Dean and the Registrar.  For many students, the various ways to obtain credit enables further acceleration.  Advisors help to identify “next steps” to determine how many courses are needed and a timely plan for graduation, based on individual needs.

Some details . . .

     Participants in the program will:

  • Think critically and creatively in organizational problem solving

  • Demonstrate effective presentational skills to enhance personal and organizational communications

  • Understand, articulate and develop the key functions and key competencies to be successful in today’s workforce

  • Utilize writing skills to enhance personal and organizational communications

  • View the diversity of world cultures and peoples through multiple perspectives enabling organizational effectiveness

  • Strengthen your position in the work force


In addition to criteria through Neumann University’s Department of Admissions, criteria include:

  • Minimum of 1 year of college and/or 30 transfer credits from a regionally accredited institution (with at least English Composition I and II equivalent)

  • Must attend Orientation for Online Learners, as the program will be hybrid/online and supported by BbVista

  • Must successfully complete Online Readiness assessment

  • Minimum of 30 credits (10 courses) needed for graduation from Neumann University

  • Transcripts from recent degrees and other Admissions criteria, consistent with University policy, including High School Transcripts

Delivery Method:

Earn a B.S. in Professional Studies by taking eight-week courses on weeknights or weekends.

Accelerated delivery methods include:

  • 3-credit courses

  • 8 weeks per course

  • Weeknight and weekend courses

  • Face-to-face (f2f) and hybrid, with f2f coursework supplemented with BbVista

Your courses may include:

Research and Writing for the Professions, Effective Communication, Professional Presentations, Social and Ethical Responsibility, Managing Change, Cross-Cultural Communication in Organizations, Creativity and Innovation , Decision-Making, Business Math, Systems Thinking, Coaching, High Performance Work Teams, Operations Management, Risk Management, Sustainability in Business, Professional and Business Etiquette, Psychology of Organizations, Organizational Communication, Entrepreneurialism, Use of Technology in Organizations

There’s more to it than this! 

For more information and to schedule a conference call or appointment with one of our Academic Advisors by calling 610.558.5529 or

We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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