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Career and Personal Development

Cooperative Education/ Internships

The Internship program here at Neumann provides student the valuable experience of working out in the field and gaining practical experience. The internship consists of 195 hours served throughout the course of a semester. Typically a student will work 16–20 hours a week within one semester. Students should keep this in mind when they are registering for classes the semester prior to the internship.  Your availability will make it easier to get an internship and complete your hours in a timely fashion.  It is a reciprocal program whereby the student gains experience and the employer gains support with energetic and innovative young professionals.

An internship can spring board a student into the field they desire to work.  It can also help eliminate types of work the student doesn’t enjoy. The internship gives the Neumann graduate the distinctive advantage over other graduates with no experience.  It is important, when picking an internship placement, to consider your big picture and vision for the future.

The first thing you must do is attend a co-op workshop offered by the Career and Personal Development Office. These workshops are offered 2-3 times each week all semester.  The workshops last approximately one hour and twenty minutes. (Please check our home page to see the latest listing). This workshop will provide you with the paperwork and instructions necessary to have your internship registered and valid for three credits.

The internship at Neumann is typically a three credit course required in particular majors and strongly encouraged in all majors. It is a combination of practical experience in the field with academic papers and reflection. A faculty sponsor is assigned to each student during their internship to mentor and advise. 

There are many other important steps in order to land an internship and this is discussed in the workshop. The links to the left can lead you to important and informative documents in preparing a résumé or for an interview.


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