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Career and Personal Development

Cooperative Education Program
Faculty Sponsor Responsibilities and Guidelines

The co-op faculty sponsor plays a very important role in a student's learning experience by assisting the student to apply his/her theoretical knowledge in an organizational setting, supporting the students' career goals and by acting as a liaison between the college and employers.

Responsibilities include:

    Important Resource HERE:

    A Faculty Guide to Ethical and
    Legal Standards in Student Hiring
    from the National Association
    of Colleges and Employers


~ Discuss the student's career goals when you are asked to sign the initial co-op application form.
When the student gains employment, the student will consult with his or her employment supervisor to determine what tasks or responsibilities they will be assigned and ask the supervisor's help in creating ideas for learning objectives. These ideas should be brought to the faculty sponsor for comment, changes and approval. After reviewing and or modifying these initial objectives, the methodology for assessment is then completed and the document is signed.
*Note: Those students using current employment for co-op credit must develop new or expanded job responsibilities that will reflect new learning.

~ Assist students in developing the Learning Agreement which will identify:

- Learning Outcomes (what the student will learn) 

- Activities  (what the student will do to achieve these learning outcomes)

- Documentation (the way the student will demonstrate to the faculty sponsor what has been learned)

- Criteria or Methodology of Assessment (the standards used to assess the learning)

- Date of Completion (due dates for the documentation described above)

See sample learning outcomes HERE.

~ Maintain ongoing communication with the student throughout the semester.
(either via biweekly reports or email contact)


~ Meet with the student and the work supervisor at the work site mid-semester.

This meeting will assess the student's performance and the work environment. The  supervisor will also complete a student evaluation form near the end of the semester. The evaluation form will be copied by the Career and Personal Development Office and sent to the faculty sponsor a week before the end of the semester to be incorporated into the final grade.

~ Notify the Co-op Office of any unsuitable work environments immediately.

~ Submit a grade to the registrar for the co-op student.


~ Recommend employers and work sites to the Cooperative Education Program.

Please contact Kathleen McCauley, Assistant Director of Career and Personal Development, with comments, concerns or questions at 610-558-5527.


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