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Career and Personal Development

Guidelines for On-Campus Internships

~ Departments interested in retaining an intern are asked to develop and write a job description. The internship responsibilities should be related to academic and professional goals. The student should be assigned meaningful tasks, with ample opportunity to perform in a variety of capacities and with a variety of employees. It is possible that the student will be assigned some mundane task, but the majority of tasks should demand a professional responsibility, integrating the accomplishment of a task with conscious educational growth. 


~ The student is required to do 195 hours for their 3 credit internship. The student should average 15 – 20 a week during the course of a semester. Sport and Entertainment Management students must fulfill 210 hours per semester. 

~ Supervision is important in an effective internship. The student should have clarity on who functions as their direct supervisor. The interns should receive appropriate training, supervision and on-going support throughout the internship. The supervisor is to serve both as a supervisor and an educator.


~ The recruiting and interviewing should be an equitable process affording all qualified candidates the opportunity to apply. The advertising of these on-campus internships can therefore be posted on our College Central Network and/or posted on our new “On-Campus Internship Job Board.” The time frame for retrieving résumés and interviewing should be broad enough to allow access to all Neumann students. Interested student candidates will submit their résumés and cover letters to the appropriate parties and wait for an interview call. (If students come directly to the department for the position, they are to be directed to follow the procedure and instructions sited on the internship posting). Our students will grow professionally if they are required to submit résumés and be interviewed just as they would in an off-campus professional post.


***The number of internship positions should be stated, if there are more than one in any individual department.

If there are any questions concerning these guidelines, please do not hesitate to call the Career and Personal Development Office: 610-558-5537 or 610-558-5527.


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