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Undergraduate Catalog ~ 2009-2010

Undergraduate Catalog

Table of Contents

Academic Calendar


Accreditations, Status of Programs, Memberships

Accrediting Agencies

Campus Life

Academic Life

Admissions Information

Financial Aid Information

Undergraduate Tuition and Expenses

Academic Information

Academic Honesty

Undergraduate Programs of Study

Academic Minors

Continuing Adult and Professional Studies


Special Programs


Honors Program

Board of Trustees




Undergraduate Program Descriptions


Course Descriptions - General Information


Accounting (ACT)

Interdisciplinary Studies (INT)


American Sign Language (ASL)

International Studies (IS)


Anthropology (ANTHR)

Italian (IT)


Art (ART)

Journalism (JRN)

  Arts Production and Performance (ARTPP) Liberal Studies Degree Program (LS)

Athletic Training (ATR)

Management (MGT)


Biology (BIO)

Marketing (MKT)


Business (BUS)

Mathematics (MATH)


Chemistry (CHEM)

Music (MUS)


Chinese (CHIN)

Nursing (NUR)


Communication and Media Arts (CA)

Philosophy (PHIL)


Computer and Information Management (CIM)

Physical Education (PE)


Criminal Justice (CJ)

Physical Science (PHYSC)


Economics (ECON)

Physics (PHY)


Education (EDU)

Political Science (POLSC)


English (ENG)

Psychology (PSYCH)


Environmental Education (ENV)

Religious Education Institute (RELI)


Farsi (FARSI)

Russian (RUS)


Finance (FIN)

Science (SCI)


French (FR)

Sociology (SOC)


History (HIST)

Spanish (SP)


Honors Program (HNR)

Sport Management (SM)


Humanities (HUM)

Theater (THEA)


Intelligence Studies (INTEL)

Theology (THEO)







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