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Declaration of Computing and Information Rights and Resources


Neumann reserves the right to update or revise the DCIRR at any time. Users are responsible for being aware of any changes to the DCIRR. The Neumann Network is provided to support Neumann College business and its mission of education, service and research. Any other use jeopardizes the integrity of the Neumann Network, the privacy or safety of other Users, or are otherwise illegal and are prohibited.

General Guidelines for acceptable use of the Neumann Network are based on the following principles:

Users are expected to:

  • Behave responsibly with respect to the Neumann Network at all times.
  • Respect the integrity and the security of the Neumann Network.
  • Behave in a manner consistent with Neumann's mission and to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and Neumann policies.
  • Be considerate of the needs of other users by making every reasonable effort not to impede the ability of others to use the Neumann Network and to show restraint in the consumption of shared resources.
  • Respect Neumann's principles regarding freedom of thought, inquiry, and expression.
  • Respect the rights and property of others, including intellectual property rights.
  • Respect the rights of others, specifically the right of privacy and of confidentiality. The following activities are specifically prohibited:
  • Use of the Neumann Network for private business, commercial or political activities, fundraising, advertising on behalf of non-Neumann organizations, unlawful activities or uses that violate other Neumann College policies.
  • Disruption of or interference with the Neumann Network, including the distribution of chain mail, mail reflectors, listservs, mass emails, email bombs or any activities that create or propagate viruses, waste system resources or overload the Neumann Network with excessive data.
  • Forging, altering or destroying communications, accessing or intercepting the accounts of other users, or intentionally compromising the privacy or security of electronic information passing through the Neumann Network.
  • Intentionally or negligently revealing one's password or otherwise permitting another to use one's personal account.
  • The intentional infringing upon the intellectual property rights of others or the unauthorized copying or distributing of Neumann owned or Neumann licensed software.

User Ethic and Responsibilities:

  1. Ethic: As a diverse community of people, Neumann College encourages its members to embrace the Franciscan values of love, respect, reverence, integrity, and excellence. These communal values determine that which constitutes insensitive, abusive, harassing, offensive, and otherwise inappropriate behavior on the college systems and network. When sending email messages and downloading or using information, users are encouraged to ask themselves, for example, "Is this material reflective of the mission and values of the college," and are responsible for acting accordingly.

  2. Responsibilities: In light of this ethic and these communal values, all users share the following responsibilities: a. To know and understand their computer and information rights and responsibilities as stated herein b. To respect the rights of others, including the rights to privacy, safety, and intellectual property c. To respect the common good of all by aiding others when possible and refraining from activities that harm or diminish the proper functioning of the network or other equipment. d. To refrain from the use of the Neumann Network to harass others, or to display to them verbal or visual communication that is offensive. Neumann will not normally impose any restraints on, nor make any random efforts to monitor the content of communications. However, when required to do so by applicable Federal, State and local laws, including laws regarding the right to privacy and laws that prohibit defamatory material and to maintain the security and integrity of the Neumann Network, including the investigation of any DCIRR or other Neumann policy infractions, Neumann will impose restraints or monitor communication. Penalties for violating this policy may include restricted access or loss of access to the Neumann Network, termination and/or expulsion from the College and in some cases, civil and/or criminal liability. Those who allegedly violate these rights and responsibilities shall be offered the following process: 1. To be notified of the alleged infringement in writing by a College official. 2. To have their account or access temporarily suspended until the process is complete.

  3. To meet with the appropriate College official or adjudicating body who will consider the matter and make final recommendations regarding the appropriate correction or sanctions.

  4. To receive a sanction ranging from the restriction or suspension of email and network access to dismissal from the College. 5. The College may report the events to governmental authorities or third parties. Detailed Policies, Practices and Procedures The following more detailed policies, practices, and procedures of the office of Information Technology & Resources are included herein by reference. Procedures may be added or amended. · Email Accounts · Official Email Address · Mass Email · Neumann Networks · Administrative Systems · Web Support · Computing Classrooms and Consultant Services


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