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Virus Information

What is a Virus?

A computer virus is a program that requires a host in order to make copies of itself. Viruses can infect; copy to, and spread from, program files, and files that use macros. The ability to self-replicate distinguishes viruses from programs that do not. A computer virus is small, makes copies of itself, and cannot exist without a host.

Viruses move easily and quickly without a user even knowing. Viruses can be passed from PC to PC harmlessly and also intentionally. Viruses move and get distributed via email attachments, files copied and saved to disk, and downloads from unsecured web sites.


Current Viruses

For a list of recently discovered viruses, visit the Symantec Security Response site.


Keep your PC Virus Free

All users are required to have an Antivirus program running on their PC.


If you are using Symantec Antivirus do not forget to run "Live Update" daily or at least weekly; this checks to make sure your PC has the latest virus definitions. Remember, virus definitions change frequently. Click here for instruction on how to run "Live Update".


If the Live Update button is not grayed out but you are unable to run Live Update, your computer may have been infected by a virus. The Intelligent Updater virus update can be downloaded directly from Symantec at:


1. Select "Download Virus Definitions (Intelligent Updater Only)"
2. Select your Operating System (Windows), click "Download Updates"
3. Click the filename, ex. "20050428-018-i32.exe"
4. "Run" the file to install the latest updates
5. Click "Yes" to update virus definitions


Tips for Virus Prevention

The only 100 percent safe e-mail file attachment is the one you delete. Clicking on everything, as some users do, is very unsafe, because an e-mailed virus or worm can send a copy of itself to everyone a user has in their address book, often disguised as something harmless. If you open a file attached to e-mail, even from someone you know, you are always taking a risk.

Virus software is one way of keeping PCs cleaned of Viruses but also good education on how viruses are spread and created is a great tool in preventing viruses.


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