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New Student Orientation

The Neumann Experience

Welcome 2014 Transfers!

Welcome to Neumann University!  We are delighted to have you with us and excited to welcome you into the Neumann University community. My name is Megan Camp and I am the Director of Student Engagement at Neumann University. I want to offer my assistance as you begin your journey at Neumann University. My job is to help you become a part of Neumann so that in December you won’t consider yourself a transfer student, but a successful Neumann Student! 


  • First, please take a moment to complete this Google Form so that we may better serve you.


  • Next, complete the Involvement Form to learn ways to get involved at Neumann.


  • Third, you must complete the Online Orientation. All new transfer students are required to complete this by August 22, 2014.


  • Finally, as a formal welcome, we want to invite you to join us on campus for Transfer Student Semester Kick-Off on Saturday, August 23 from 9:30am until 1pm. You will check in at the Bruder Life Center. This half day event will provide you with a rich experience which includes meeting faculty and staff, visiting key locations on campus, and the opportunity to ask questions unique to your circumstance.


    If you plan to attend Orientation on Saturday, August 23, please send an email RSVP to campm@neumann.edu. It will help us plan the day and ensure enough giveaways for the group.


Additional Information

If you have not registered for classes, transfer students with more than 15 credits should contact their specific academic program to register. All others may contact the Academic Advising Center at 610.358.4287. If you have any questions regarding the day, please do not hesitate to contact us at 610.558.5539 or via email at campm@neumann.edu


               Watch this video and learn more about Important Academic Dates:



Questions submitted by transfer students so far:


Q: Are there a decent amount of activities or events that happen on campus daily basis?
A: Yes! The fall semester will be filled with over 50 programs and that is just a short list from the programming board, SGA and the Office of Student Activities. There are multiple athletic events, intramurals, resident student programming, commuter student programming, and co-curricular programming that will be taking place.


Q: In August, do you have to come for every part of the new student orientation?
A: No, in fact the only thing you need to do is the online introduction to Neumann (information for this will be emailed soon). There will be a brief transfer kickoff event on Saturday, August 23 at 9:30am during new student orientation. This in-person event is open to all, but we know that everyone is different and has varied levels of need/interest/involvement. You are welcome to attend any session at Orientation. Whether you chose to just do the online introduction, or attend every session, know that I am a resource for you!


Q: Will there a campus tour for new transfer students?
A: Yes, on Saturday, August 23, during Transfer Kickoff, there will be a tour.


Q: When should I get an ID and register my car?
A: You can stop by the Campus Safety office during normal business hours in the summer. You can also accomplish this during Orientation weekend or during the first week of classes.


Q: Are there resources on campus such as tutoring that will help me succeed in my classes?
A: Yes! You can read all about our Academic Resource Center (ARC) HERE:


Q: Is there a transfer INT group?
A: No, not at this time. We will be offering opportunities for transfers to get together in the fall and answer any questions/offer support.


Q: I was a little confused about where parking would be and where my classes would be.
A: The campus map is a great resource. Click through and you will see all the campus buildings. Most classes take place in the Bachmann Main Building and Abessinio Building. Parking is free, but you do still need to register your car at Campus Safety. Parking is located throughout campus; including at the Life Center, Abessinio Building, the Mirenda Center and the Residence Halls.


Q: Are there any clubs for students studying in Forensic Science?
A: Not specifically Forensic Science, however, there is a Pre-Med Club. Student membership ranges from nurses, pre-med, biology, etc. You could also start a Forensic Science club at Neumann! I am sure you will find other students at Neumann who are interested in studying Forensic Science and starting a club is a great way to get involved at Neumann! If you are interested in talking further about starting a club, you can stop down to 43 Bachmann Main Building and speak with either the Director of Student Activities or the Clubs Coordinator for Student Government. Click HERE for the club formation packet.


Q: How much is my total tuition for fall? I never receive my bill
A: Statements should have been sent out last week, for those students who are registered for classes. More information can be found HERE.


Q: How do we know what work study positions are available?
A: The Financial Aid office posts jobs outside of their office (151 Bachmann Main Building). Once on campus, you could also ask at different offices and areas that interest you if they are hiring.


Q: Who would i see to talk about my future classes at Neumann?
A: You would speak to your academic advisor. You can start at the Academic Advising Center, too. They will be able to tell you who is your Academic Advisor and also discuss your Academic plan. Click HERE for more info.


Q: How is the residence life?
A: Awesome! You can read all about it HERE.


Q: If you do not like your roommate the first week, are you able to switch?
A From the Director of Residence Life: There is not a switch day the first week, they should seek out their RA if they are having difficulty with their roommate.


Q: When will we receive housing assignments?
A: This week! (8/1/14)

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