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Submitted by Jackie Martin, M.S.
Member of the Care of Creation Committee and
Academic Advisor in the Division of Continuing Adult & Professional Studies. 


Discover the   

I find a healthy outdoor experience to be so reviving to my soul. This website allows me to search and find outdoor activities in forest and parks all over the country.


Astronomy Picture of the Day posted by NASA

Get ready to view some of the most fascinating photos of the universe! posts an Astronomy Picture of the Day. It’s fun to look up specific days that are special to me, like a birthday or anniversary; and they archive photos as far back as June 1995!  I may feel like a grain of sand in the big picture of all creation, but I still feel intimately known by God and caught in a state of wonder as I view and read the descriptions written by professional astronomers. I also think it is awesome that God gave us curiosity and the ability to create instruments to explore the universe.

This site hosts a bunch of ideas on how to create less waste, but what I really like is the Recycling Search.  It allows me to find out where I can drop off unique items for recycling.  I know I can put my plastic milk cartons out for recycling in my neighborhood, but what do I do when I have to dispose of an old grill, or paint, or dead AA batteries?  This site leads me to a location. 


Nicole Nordman’s song called “Every Season”

The words of the song Every Season cannot help but move me each time I listen to it.  It delicately speaks to the ways in which we can recognize God in each other and in nature, and how, like the seasons, we are all created with purpose and made new with every seasons change. 


Nova Science Now programs on PBS

I enjoy the programs that inform viewers of topics in nature. The programs are so interesting, timely, and provide access to knowledge without the pressure of a final exam. Plus, the animals and species that I learn about in certain programs teach and remind me of the beauty and purpose of all God’s creatures – even the creepy crawly ones! 


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