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Protect, Preserve, Respect, Reverence



On October 4, 2013, Neumann University will celebrate the Feast of St. Francis. As we all know, St. Francis is the Patron Saint of Ecology. He viewed all creation as his “sisters and brothers”, from the smallest worm to the majestic lion. Stories tell of St. Francis preaching to the birds, the wolf, the flowers, as well as people.


Stewardship, our value theme this year, extends beyond recycling. We are called by St. Francis to care for all of God’s creation. When we are able to think of the entire Earth as our home, we will have a clearer sense of the way St. Francis viewed his home, his ecosystem, in relationship with everything and everyone around him.

Take the time to look beyond yourself. Understand the connectedness of our world: plants give us oxygen and food; animals give us food, love, and a sense of well-being; they are related to us in a real partnership of life.


Protect, preserve, respect, reverence – all part of Stewardship of our Earth and Care for Creation. Thank you, St. Francis, for your example and leadership.


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