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Neumann University Recycles!



As you have noticed, Neumann University has new recycling containers both outside and inside. As we enter the Year of Stewardship, the Care of Creation/Sustainability Committee implores everyone to RECYCLE.

recycling containers

There is a bin near you and your classrooms.
The only way for our program to be successful is for you to commit to it.

RECYCLING saves energy, lessens the burden on landfills, allows reuse of materials, saves wildlife and sea life, and IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

The containers have two openings: one marked “waste only” and one marked “mixed or recycles.”


Waste Only is for garbage – i.e. food, anything with food on it, Kleenex, paper towels, snack bags, wrappers, etc.

Mixed is anything recyclable – all plastics (numbers 1-6) except Styrofoam and plastic bags; paper ( including staples); cardboard; glass; aluminum cans, books (except hardbound); notebooks; fold-ers; envelopes; cards; paper bags; etc. Large boxes should be placed next to the container for pick up by housekeeping.

If you have any questions, please contact Elaine Grose or Rich Kern.

Thank you for your cooperation and stewardship!

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