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Neumann University Offers Free
Business Expansion Plans

Local businesses can get research and marketing advice

Mehdi Hojjat, Ph.D., MBA


As a service to the community, Neumann University business students are offering to work with area executives and small business owners during the spring 2017 semester to develop plans to expand local businesses internationally. From January to May, students will work closely with their professors, who themselves have extensive hands-on international management experience, to assess the company’s international competitiveness and create customized business expansion plans.


This service offers an unusual opportunity for local firms to expand their international markets.  The highly interactive program will be tailored to the needs of each individual company and could include several significant services: evaluation of the company’s export potential to Europe; analysis of the company’s competitiveness and the international trends in its industry; a profile of target countries and markets; identification of distributors and potential partners in Europe; and estimates of budget needs to expand into global markets.


“Global markets are expanding rapidly,” explains Professor Mehdi Hojjat, Ph.D., MBA, who will direct the program. “We offer local firms a unique opportunity to investigate their options for expansion into European markets.” Hojjat’s classes have been working with local businesses on international expansion and strategic planning since 2000.


Neumann University offers this service for free and with no obligation. For more information, contact Professor Mehdi Hojjat at 610-558-5592 or  by January 5, 2017.