Ten Students March for Life

A student holds a Neumann sign amid the sea of people at the January 19 March for Life.

Ten students and Patrick McKenzie, director of Campus Ministry, participated in the March for Life on January 19 in Washington, D.C. Kellie Waters, a senior, describes her experience at the event below.

After two failed attempts, I was finally able to attend the March for Life. On our way to the march, we read an article discussing both life and the narrative around the March for Life. As I sat next to a freshman who was clearly questioning her understanding of what it means to be pro-life, I realized my view had changed as well. This article made clear that if we want to be pro-life we need to fight and defend more than the unborn. After four years of dialogue and Franciscan education, I have come to learn that life is all of God’s creation.

As we entered the march, I felt confident and proud of the action we were taking. We weren’t just reading or tweeting, we showed up. However, I wasn’t really prepared. Looking around I undeniably felt the sting of graphic images and passion from the chants. I could not speak for the first ten minutes we marched. In those moments, I no longer felt like I was just walking down the street with Neumann students, I was marching with the masses. People of all ages picketing to defend those who can’t defend themselves. It stirred in me a calling to do more; a calling to love the unloved and give a voice to the voiceless. As I discern my career, I am thankful for the reminder the march gave me.