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Help with NU Learn (Blackboard Learn)


  • NU Learn Common Tasks for Instructors

    Here you will find a number of tasks that you may, at one time or another, need to accomplish in Learn, including "How to Copy Content from Another Course" and "How to Change Course Start and End Times."

  • Set Up the Grade Center for your Course

    The Blackboard Learn Grade Center works something like a spreadsheet; names of enrolled students appear, automatically, each in a row, with columns for student information and grades. Any graded object, such as an assignment or quiz, automatically gets a column. This article will walk you through setting up a typical course grade book.

  • Best Practices for Restricting Availability in Learn

    One of the most common issues that faculty report about Learn is: "I can see the assignment (or test or PowerPoint), but my students can't. What am I doing wrong?" The answer, in most cases, is that the instructor unintentionally set the object to be unavailable. The examples and recommendations in this article will, hopefully, make object availability more of a choice than an accident.

  • Blackboard Collaborate Replaces Wimba Live Classroom

    Blackboard Collaborate is the successor to Live Classroom for synchronous online sessions, and has some great features. This article covers why you might want to use Blackboard Collaborate and how to set up your first session.

For more information and video tutorials on many aspects of Blackboard Learn, visit the Blackboard On-Demand Learning Center.


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