Software Downloads

Below is a list of free software that you may need for your course. Not all software will be needed in all courses. You can wait until you need a program to download it.


These links go to company sites which include instructions for installing the particular program. If you have trouble obtaining a particular program, please contact the administrator of that particular site for help installing their software.


Web Browsers


All WebCT courses require the use of a certified browser. Many users already have internet explorer, but there are alternatives! Please check the WebCT Validated browsers page for complete details. 

Most activities in WebCT will now require the use of the Java Virtual Machine. Follow this link to make sure you have the latest version installed by clicking the Download button.


Multimedia Players


  • RealOne Player (.ram) 
    This player gives you access to RealAudio and RealVideo. 

  • Windows Media Player (.wma, .wav, .mp3) 
    Used to play back Windows media-formatted content. 

  • Apple QuickTime Player (.mov) 
    Used by both Macs and PCs, this plugin makes it possible to create, play, and stream audio and video.


Document Viewers


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) 
    Lets you view and print a universal file format called Portable Document Format. Many of your course materials may be in this format. 

  • MS PowerPoint Viewer (.ppt) 
    Required if your course includes PowerPoint presentations and PowerPoint is not installed on your computer. Mac version 

  • MS Excel Viewer (.xls) 
    Required if your course includes MS Excel spreadsheet files and Excel is not installed on your computer. 

  • MS Word Viewer (.doc) 
    Required if your course includes MS Word documents and MS Word is not installed on your computer---PC only.


Other Software


  • Macromedia Flash Player 
    Makes possible interactive tutorials and animations which many online courses use. 

  • Macromedia Shockwave Player 
    Some courses use interactive multimedia which requires this download. 

  • WinZip (.zip) 
    Open up compressed files. (WindowsXP has the ability to open these files built in.)