Vistas in Home Health Nursing Practice Course

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Vistas in Home Health Nursing Practice: An Even Brighter Future

Better Patient Outcomes Begin At Home

Delivering care in the home was an innovation by nurses that changed the US healthcare system in the early 1900’s. In the last two decades, with dramatically improved outcomes and streamlined care delivery, there’s little wonder why the future of healthcare places the “hospital at home” concept front and center. 

Understanding how your patients live “at home” and manage their health conditions  guides you in choosing the best care strategies independently and in the context of patient/family uniqueness. What’s more, Home Care is an empowering environment where nurses practice with autonomy, creativity and flexibility as key members of the interdisciplinary team.  

That’s exactly why Neumann University developed this fully-online Vistas in Home Health Nursing Practice course.

Home Care as a specialty area of nursing practice has long been overshadowed by the perceived “glamour” and “prestige” associated with hospital-based roles. However, the rapidly evolving regulatory and healthcare reimbursement models are dramatically changing the face of healthcare delivery from an acute care focus to community-based models of care, which in turn, have highlighted the importance of home health nursing now and in the future of healthcare delivery.

The content provided in this course is designed to provide nursing students, new graduates and experienced nurses background, context, and insight into the myriad of evolving career opportunities and “endless possibilities” for nursing professionals.

Students enrolled in this 3-credit course will:

  • Evaluate how modern practices in nursing, technology and care are converging to favor home healthcare
  • Examine the benefits to patients, families and Home Care Nurses of care delivery at home
  • Explore the personal and professional skills needed to act as the key member of the interdisciplinary team
  • Gain an understanding of the difference in care delivery protocols at home versus in institutional care
  • Learn about the historical, current and future utilization of home health care

Dr. Faye Meloy has an exceptionally diverse educational and professional background in healthcare. She holds a BSN from Thomas Jefferson University, a MSN from the University of Pennsylvania, a MBA in Health and Medical Services from Widener University, and a PhD in Educational Leadership & Learning Technologies from Drexel University. 

Dr. Meloy has more than 30 years’ experience in clinical practice, health policy/planning, leadership, and nursing education (from Diploma to DNP in both face-to face and on-line educational formats). She is also a former Harvard Macy Scholar for Innovation in Healthcare Education and Practice.

Dr. Meloy is deeply committed to the continued advancement of nursing as a profession, the enrichment of educational experiences, and assisting both student and practicing professionals to gain new insights, to explore continually expanding career opportunities, and to foster a life-long commitment to continued personal and professional growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neumann University is a private, regionally accredited university in Pennsylvania. Neumann’s Nursing program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. The 3-credit undergraduate nursing course may transfer to undergraduate programs at another universities. If students intend to transfer the course, please check with the university that would receive the transfer credit to ensure that it will be applied to your degree.

The cost for the 3-credit course will be a flat rate of $1500.

No transcripts are needed for currently licensed nurses (RN and above). Simply provide your valid license number and fill out the non-matriculated application.

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To apply please fill out a non-matriculated application.

Apply Now

No, this is a (14 or 15 week) asynchronous on-line course facilitated by a nursing professor. The course contains 5 units distributed over the course of the semester offered. Students must be self-directed and adhere to timelines for unit completion and course assignments, but have a great deal of flexibility in scheduling coursework.

No, everything you need to complete this course is included.

There is no prerequisite coursework needed. The course is open for enrollment by nursing students, new nursing graduates and registered nurses.


Gloria F. Donnelly, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, FCPP

Dean and Professor Emerita
Drexel University

“Care is increasingly shifting to the home environment because of better patient outcomes. This course will prepare the nurse who is thinking about the move to home care. Whether for college credit or continuing education, the course offers a thorough overview on trends in home health nursing, requirements for practice, case studies and predictions for the future of home health nursing care. It is a timely and engaging educational experience.”

J. Mark Baiada

Chairman, BAYADA Home Health Care

“Vistas in Home Health Nursing is an excellent introduction to the globally expanding field of home health. I am excited to partner with Neumann University to offer the only college credit course in the world for home health nursing. The need for home health nurses is huge and growing and our nursing schools need to educate nurses to meet the need. Neumann University is leading the way. ”

Dr. Steven H. Landers

President and CEO
Visiting Nurse Association Health Group, Inc.

“Currently, the nursing education establishment is centered around hospital and facility-based care which limits the pool of early-career nurses prepared for home health work. The courses offered by Neumann University are of critical importance as we look to the future of our nurses and the overall future of home care education. VNA Health Group is proud to partner with all those involved in creating these educational courses.”