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Fifteen of the twenty-five highest paying jobs in America are mathematics-based jobs.  In addition, the US Department of Education’s recent studies have also shown that there is a shortage of math teachers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  It is clearly an exciting time for students interested in Neumann University’s Math Major.  At Neumann University you can obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with two specific tracks:


  • General Mathematics

  • Mathematics Pre-Engineering


The track in General Mathematics prepares students for a variety of careers in fields which require a mathematical background such as actuarial science, computer science, operations research and cryptography.  The Mathematics Pre-Engineering track readies students for further study in Engineering.  One of the pathways for students who choose the Mathematics Pre-Engineering track is Neumann University’s Co-Operative Engineering Agreement with Drexel University which allows Neumann University students to complete their studies at Drexel University’s School of Engineering where they will earn a B.S. in either Electrical, Mechanical or Computer Engineering as well as their B.S. in Mathematics from Neumann University.  Selected students in this track may also be eligible to complete their M.S. in Engineering at Drexel University as well if they meet Drexel University’s entrance criteria upon completion of their B.S. in Engineering.


Although there are slight variations to the curriculum for each track, all students will take the same basic general courses in mathematics to include:


  • Calculus I-II-III-IV

  • Linear Algebra

  • Technology in Mathematics with Maple/MATLAB

  • Mathematical Statistics I-II

  • Discrete Mathematics

  • Differential Equations


Program Outcomes
When you complete your degree in Mathematics at Neumann University you will be able to:


  • Perform complex calculations through the appropriate use of algorithm or strategy

  • Apply the appropriate skills and theorems to solve pure and applied mathematics problems

  • Interpret formal mathematical writing and proofs of common theorems

  • Develop patterns, conjectures and inferences based on data and/or theoretical results

  • Justify conclusions through inductive and deductive methods


If you love mathematics and are interested in all the exciting career opportunities a degree in mathematics can lead to then Neumann University’s Math Major just may be for you.


For additional information, please call the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, which coordinates the admission of all students, at (610) 558-5616 or (800) 9-NEUMANN or feel free to e-mail us at


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