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Faculty Development Spring 2016

As an instructor at Neumann University, you are engaged in the evolving practice of Teaching and Learning. The processes of course design, designing activities that engage the student as learner, gathering evidence of learning, assessing student learning outcomes, and the reflective practice of continuous course improvement enrich our experience as practitioners and helps us improve our craft. While respecting individual differences, Neumann University offers the following resources to provide fair and consistent practices within its classrooms and to support its teaching faculty in professional development. Please take a few moments to review these resources and to utilize these services as appropriate.

If you have any questions, or would like to receive additional support in your professional development, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to engage you in conversation about Teaching and Learning at Neumann University.

Janet Thiel, OSF, PhD
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
BMB 205 
610-358-4219 (office)
443-286-3512 (cell)


IDEA Student Ratings of Instructions

Neumann University uses the Individual Development in Educational Assessment (IDEA) system for student ratings of instruction. This system allows the student to reflect on course practices that affect learning and allows the instructor to develop strategies to meet the learning needs of students. Instruction on how to administer this course evaluation system can be found on the IDEA website and from the list of procedures used at Neumann found on SharePoint (Faculty/Staff) or NULearn (Adjunct Faculty). Instructors are asked to report the findings of the IDEA system within an annual plan for professional development. The documents to report this plan are also found on SharePoint or within the Adjunct Faculty NU Learn site.

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