Neumann A- Z: Commuter Guide


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Academic Advising Center: 610-358-4287
The center is located on the ground floor of the Bachmann Main Building. Academic Advising is a free service available to all students at Neumann University. Whether you are assigned to a faculty advisor or a professional staff advisor, it is our goal to provide you with the developmental advising experience that will help you succeed.

Academic Calendar

Academic Resource Center: 610-361-5492
Located on the ground floor of the Bachmann Main Building, The ARC offers free tutoring and other academic support.




Bookstore: 610-558-5618
The campus bookstore is located on the ground floor of the Bachmann Main building. The store sells books, apparel, etc.

Business Office: 610-558-5505
The Business Office is located on the first floor of Bachmann Main Building in
Room 104.


Campus Calendar

Campus Map (pdf)

Campus Ministry: 610-558-5525
Campus Ministry offers community service opportunities, spiritual programs, retreats and immersion trips for students.

Campus Safety: 610-558-5555
The Department of Campus Safety provides many services for the Neumann University community and is available 24 hours a day, every day. In addition to patrolling campus buildings, grounds and parking lots, they provide security for residential buildings, athletic events and other University activities.

Career Development Office: 610-358-4595
Services available in the Career Development Office include use of computerized career search, skills assessment, interest and evaluation programs to assist you in your final career choice. In addition, you have access to a library containing current information on career options. The office also maintains listings of area internship positions and current job openings. Don't wait until junior or senior year to find the Career Development Office! The office is located in 100 Bachmann Main Building.


Counseling Center: 610-358-4540
The Neumann University Counseling Center for Wellness is dedicated to assisting students to achieve personal and academic success. The Counseling Center for Wellness is located at 603B Convent Road.


Disability Services: 610-361-5471
Neumann University, consistent with its Mission Statement, is committed to providing equal education opportunities to all qualified students with disabilities.


Emergency Closing Information: 610-459-0905
If classes are canceled or if the campus closes because of an emergency, that information will be announced on the home page of the University web siteand through a message on the main University phone number (610-459-0905).


Be sure to become a fan of Neumann University, Neumann Commuter, and Neumann Student Activities!

Fax: Students may use the fax machine in the Student Activities Office, located at 43 Bachmann Main Building.

Financial Assistance: 610-558-5521
The office provides information on federal and state aid, as well as loans and scholarships. The staff is available for counseling and help with completing scholarship and grant applications. It is located on the first floor of Bachmann Main building across from Admissions.


Games: The Office of Campus Life Programs has games available for check out. So if you’re hanging out in the Commuter Lounge and want to check out Jenga, stop on into the office!

Game Room: There is a game room across form the Campus Life Programs Office in the lower level of Bachmann. See the staff for equipment rental.

Get Involved!


Help: The Office of Campus Life Programs is here to help you! Visit the office in person at 43 Bachmann Main Building.


Intramurals: 484-840-4735
Intramural sports are open to all Neumann University students, staff and faculty. These leagues, tournaments and recreational activities are held throughout the academic school year and are coordinated by the Coordinator of Intramurals & Club Sports. There are many opportunities for students to play as well as assist with the planning, officiating and score keeping.


Jobs: Visit the Career Development office and the Financial Aid office for listings. There is also a bulletin board on the ground floor of the Bachmann Main Building between the mailroom and the Campus Safety office where listings are posted.


Keys: 610-558-5555
Keys locked in the car? Contact Campus Safety for this and other emergency assistance. The office is located on the ground floor of the Bachmann Main Building.

Library: 610-558-5545
An integral part of the University experience, they offer extensive resources to support academic, cultural, and student programs.


Locker Rental

Lounge: There is a multipurpose lounge available for students to hang out, relax, and watch TV in the Bruder Life Center, often referred to as the Bruder Multipurpose Room – BMPR


Meals: 610-558-5505
Effective fall 2016, all new first year commuter students are automatically enrolled in a 9 Meal Plan each semester. The 9 Meal Plan include 9 meals, $25 Bonus Points, and $25 Neumann Points.

Unused meals, bonus points, and Neumann points carry over from fall to spring semesters but expire at the end of spring semester.

Meals: can be used in the Bruder Life Center Dining Hall only.

Bonus Points: can be used in the Bruder Life Center Dining Hall, the Knight’s Café and the Abessinio Kiosk.

Neumann Points: can be used in the Bruder Life Center Dining Hall, the Knight’s Café, the Abessinio Kiosk, the Knight’s Shoppe University Store, campus vending machines, on campus printing and off campus dining and other retail locations (soon to be named).

All returning commuters have the option of purchasing the 9 Meal Plan. All commuters, new and returning, have the option of purchasing the 150 or 180 Meal Plans.

Medical Assistance: 610-558-5540
Student Health Services provides health care and health education for all students. The Center is located in Room 234 in the Bachmann Main Building.


Newsletter: The Commuter Newsletter will go out at least once a month be sure to read it! Contact with questions.


Online: 610-558-5620
Neumann provides WiFi standard wireless and wired network and Internet access throughout the campus.


Parking: 610-558-5555
All members of the campus must register their motor vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle) with Campus Safety if they desire parking on University property.


Questions: 610-558-5539
For questions related to commuter students, visit the Campus Life Programs Office in 43 Bachmann Main Building.


Registrar: 610-558-5524
The Office of the Registrar coordinates registration, grading, degree audit/certification of graduates and the development of class schedules as well as maintains the University's student database. This Office is also responsible for issuing transcripts as well as completing enrollment/degree verifications and Veterans Administration forms.



Student Government:
Neumann University Student Government has two Commuter Representatives who are the voice of the Neumann Commuter.

Smarthinking is an online tutoring service that Neumann offers to its students. It provides tutoring in a variety of subjects, some of which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


TRIO Student Support Services: 484-358-4502
Neumann University’s TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Program helps you progress each semester and develop academically and personally to graduate and achieve success.



Umbrellas: Caught in an unexpected downpour? Borrow an umbrella from the Student Activities Office, 43 BMB.


Vending Machines: Vending machines are located in buildings throughout campus.




X Marks the Spot
You’ll find a treasure chest of fun and experience at Neumann University!


Successful commuters:

  • get to know the faculty and seek counsel from academic advisers
  • participate in campus activities, ranging from academic to social to athletic
  • use the resources at Neumann University to enhance learning
  • explore all the services offered
  • ask for help!


Zest for a full University Experience: Neumann University encourages full participation in campus life!