The Student Government Association is the voice of Neumann students that serves students by creating and supporting activities that deepen a sense of community and foster Franciscan values of respect for the individual and environment, peacemaking, and social responsibility.

Student Government Association
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The Student Government Association (S.G.A.) is a freely established student organization that is officially recognized by Neumann University and is self-funded through a Student Government Fee. All full-time matriculated day students are members of the S.G.A. by virtue of the Student Government Fee. The governing body of the Student Government Association is the Student Government Board. Student Government is a group of elected students who represent all full-time matriculated students. Student Government Board officials are elected by their respective peers every spring semester and for Freshman Representatives they are elected in the fall semester. The Student Government Board exists to solely serve and represent the students of Neumann University. The governing body of the S.G.A., the Student Government Board, meets weekly and provides a public forum to listen to student concerns and opinions, and prepares steps to take action on critical issues facing students all within the Franciscan Tradition, and the Mission of Neumann University.

Student Government Board is composed of three consecutive branches: The Executive, Judicial, and Legislative Branches. The Executive Branch, which consist of the President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Activities, Chief Justice, Treasurer, Clubs Coordinator, Secretary. This branch listens to the concerns of the legislative branch, and will meet with University officials to seek resolutions. The Judicial Branch is governed by the Chief Justice only. This Branch ensures that all rules, policies, Government Procedures, and ethical standards of the Student Government Board are enforced in accordance with the Constitution of the Student Government Association, and takes the appropriate actions regarding any violation of the Constitution of the S.G.A. The Legislative Branch consists of two Representatives for each class and a Resident Life Advisory Chair. Standing committees consist of Judicial Board, Budget Committee, Student Activities Board, Residence Life Advisory Board, and the possibility of other committees that the S.G.A feel fit.