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Dr. Rosalie M. Mirenda


President's Message

Something wonderful is about to happen.

You are on a path to discovering Neumann University, a university that may look like others you have visited or explored but isn't like any of them. It is a university that offers varied major areas of study like many others but doesn't offer them in quite the same manner. It is a university that provides many opportunities for co-curricular activity, like athletics, clubs, and performing arts, but doesn't provide them for the same reasons. It is a university that combines academic excellence with practice and career preparation serving you in a uniquely personal manner.

Neumann University is a Catholic Franciscan University where the faculty are the most dedicated individuals with credentials that match the best of the best . . .

What is different is that this faculty will know you individually, by name, and will make every effort to reach your head and heart so as to understand who you are and how your dreams and potential can be realized.


Neumann University is a place where you will receive an excellent undergraduate and/or graduate education and preparation for your future personal and professional life . . .

What is different is that this University will help you to realize that while knowledge is important in and of itself, it is when knowledge is used in service of others that human beings experience true reward and success.

Neumann University is a place where opportunities, in addition to your academic major, are available: academic and athletic clubs, Division III athletic program with 22 sports, cultural and performing arts, intramurals, social events, service learning and study abroad. There will be lots of time to have fun and to build memories . . .

What is different is that this University will give you the opportunity to experience the reality that learning and living are one; that education is truly the combination of the intellect, the body, the heart, and the soul, and that education is about relationships -- going deeper into your being to discover the special gift of yourself and all creation that surrounds you.

As the President of Neumann University, I welcome you and ask that you take time to view the virtual tour of Neumann and learn more about it. Whether you live nearby and commute or you live farther away and plan to be a residential student, Neumann University can assist you in achieving your hopes and dreams for a baccalaureate or graduate degree while providing you with an experience that meets your personal goals as well. In short, at Neumann you will experience a sense of community and receive an education that will serve as grounding for a life that is productive, rewarding, and socially responsible. Therein lies the secret of Neumann's success as an institution that believes in and provides a liberal arts-based professional education in the Catholic Franciscan tradition.

I look forward to meeting you here on campus. I hope you plan to visit. Don't try to determine your educational choice by yourself. Consider this chance as a critical stepping stone toward the rest of your life. You will find that Neumann is a friendly place, and the people on campus -- faculty, staff, students, administration -- want to assist you and one another to become the very best one can be. From the smallest beginning to the realization of tomorrow, at Neumann University, we live, learn and grow together.

Dr. Rosalie M. Mirenda


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