The Global Learning Office strives to enrich the academic and cultural experiences of students through global engagement by expanding the number and range of education abroad activities at Neumann.

GLO facilitate student engagement in the classroom, locally and abroad and partner with faculty to facilitate academically-sound, strategic, and sustainable faculty-led Global Learning Seminars programs that encourage greater self-awareness, perspective, cultural sensitivity, and empathy.

GLO markets all education abroad programs to students and supports them throughout the advising, pre-departure, in-country, and returnee phases.

Education Abroad Calendar of Events
Attend an education abroad session to find the best fit for you and your goals.

Semester & Summer Programs

Our students choose from more than 60 education abroad programs in more than 20 countries, sponsored by Neumann University, affiliated universities and Education Abroad program providers.  A full overview of available programs is available through ViaTRM, our online program search and application tool.

Eligibility Requirement 

  • Minimum GPA: 2.5 (Other programs or institutions may require a higher GPA (ranging between 2.75 and 3.0)
  • Sophomore standing
  • Be in good behavioral and academic standing.
  • At the time of applying for a visa, if necessary, must have a passport active for six months beyond program end date.

Deadlines are:

  • Summer: February 15
  • Fall semester and academic year programs: March 15
  • Spring semester: Oct. 1

To learn more about the application process log in to MyNU Portal


Global Learning Seminars

Global Learning Seminars (GLS) are semester-long courses taught on campus that include an embedded week-long international or domestic experience during a university break or summer term.  

Fall 2024

Spring 2025 
Application Deadline - October 25

To learn more about these programs visit the Education Abroad portal. 

Global Internships & Experiential Programs

The Global Learning Office offers students an opportunity to extend classroom learning to immersive, cultural, and professional experiences through the Global Internship & Experiential Learning Program.  Global Internships are unique way to elevate your resume, increase your confidence, and experience life abroad. 

Summer Internships

Earn 3-6 credits by completing a full-time internship. Once accepted, you are guaranteed placement by our partner organizations in an internship in your field of choice.

Semester Internships with Classes

Earn 12-15 credits by completing a part-time internship and taking classes at a university abroad. Once accepted, you are guaranteed placement by our partner universities in an internship in your field of choice.

Program Discovery (search for "internships")

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Most financial aid and scholarships that a student receives at Neumann will automatically be applied to the study abroad program; however, there are some exceptions (i.e. Work Study, Clare Booth Luce), and we advise students to work with financial aid to determine which forms of financial aid they will be able to use for their time abroad.

Eligibility: You must be a student enrolled in a degree-seeking program at Neumann to be eligible for financial aid. Most aid requires a minimum of twelve credits per semester and at least six credits in the summer term to maintain minimal eligibility for financial aid.

Limits: There are limits to how much financial aid you can receive (especially during the summer months), and your financial aid award may not cover the entire cost of study abroad experience. The Global Learning Office will prepare a Cost of Attendance Adjustment Form for the student’s term abroad, and the student will work with Financial Aid to understand their aid package and their eligibility for any supplementary loans. 


Students planning to study abroad are encouraged to research and apply for external scholarships early. Many of our provider partners have scholarships they offer to students, and students may be eligible for other third-party scholarships offered through the government and other foundations. A sample of external scholarships is found below, but students should consult with their study abroad advisor and complete independent research to learn about additional scholarship opportunities that they may be eligible for.   

Diversity & Identity Abroad

In order to prepare for your semester or year away, it is important to understand your host country's culture. It is also important to realize that aspects of your identity may be perceived differently in other cultures than in the United States. As you begin to prepare for your time away, we recommend doing some preliminary research to understand the identity dynamics in your host country. 

Once you arrive in your host country, your on-site program staff are a great point of contact to speak with if you encounter any questions or issues while you are away. Prior to departure, however, these resources below are a wonderful starting point to begin navigating identities abroad and exploring more about your host culture.

Frequently Asked Questions


Neumann students must have a 2.5 GPA, have completed their first year at Neumann by the start of their program, and have a clear disciplinary record. Some programs require a higher GPA or junior academic status. First years are only eligible to study abroad on select faculty-led study abroad programs. Transfer students are eligible to study abroad after completing one full semester (Fall or Spring) on campus at Neumann.


You should meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss the timing and length of your study abroad experience and how to fit it into your academic plan at Neumann. You can study abroad as early as the summer after your first year! However, the most common times to study abroad are sophomore and junior years.

Is it Expensive to Study Abroad? 

Studying abroad can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you make it. Factors to consider include program type and the cost of living in the place where you will study. However, the single biggest factor is usually how much independent travel you do on weekends and breaks. Set up an appointment with one of our study abroad staff to start discussing which options may work best for you.

Does Financial Aid apply and are there other scholarships available?

Yes. Students participating in an approved study abroad program continue to receive the same forms of federal financial aid they would receive to study at Neumann. If you do not currently qualify for financial aid, you may qualify while studying abroad because of additional costs associated your program. Some program partners may offer scholarships for their study abroad programs as well depending on majors, need, merit, and more. Students can learn about external scholarships during their study abroad advising meeting. Students should speak with the Office of Financial Aid and start planning ahead.

Will my classes transfer back to Neumann, and will I graduate on time?

Yes. If you are studying through a Neumann faculty-led program or Global Learning Seminar course, you will receive direct Neumann credit for the courses you take. For semester programs and internships, the classes that you take while abroad will return as transfer credit on your Neumann transcript as long as you receive the equivalent of a C or above in the courses. Transfer credits do not impact your GPA, but they do count towards your overall credit requirements for graduation. Before going abroad, students will work with their study abroad advisor and their academic advisor to get the courses they will take pre-approved and equated to ensure courses go towards their degree plan. We work hard with you to ensure that your study abroad experience enhances your program, not delays it. If I study abroad, will I still graduate on time?

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Study Abroad Inquiry Form

For more information, contact: 

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