Faculty Senate

Executive Board & Committee Members

The purpose of the Faculty Senate is to provide the forum wherein faculty participates in the governance of the University, serves as an independent advisory body which liaisons between the faculty and University administration, and speaks for and represents the faculty and its academic and professional interests in the University community.


Executive Board

Robert Till
Scott Biely
Robert Till
Scott Biely
Lisa Silverstein
Mehdi Hojjat
Lisa Silverstein
Mehdi Hojjat



Committee Members

Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee   Faculty Senate Personnel Committee

(9 Members)


(5 Members)

Theresa Pietsch, Chair


Kathleen Swanik, Chair

Richard Cunningham


Etsuko Hoshino-Browne

Jason Mensinger


John Kruse

Andrew Miller


Colleen McDonough

Jeanne Papa


James Waters

Sylvia Riviello


Ryan Savitz

  Faculty Senate Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (LOAC)

Megan Scranton

Ellen Sloss *


(7 Members)

Joel Natale, ex-officio


Laura Taddei, Chair


Kristen Acosta

Faculty Senate Development Committee  

Tiffeny Atkins

(5 Members)


Alfred Milliner

James Kain, Chair


Annemarie O’Malley

Stephanie Smith Budhai


Leanne Owen

Janelle Ketrick-Gillespie


Sandra Weiss

Ali Niknam


Sr. Janet Thiel, ex-officio

Maria Traub


Faculty Senate Policy Committee    

(5 Members)


Karen Albaugh, Chair


Heather Anderson


David DiMarco


Mac Given


William Hamilton


Joel Natale, ex-officio


*Special exemption – past 4 continuous years’ service on one committee



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