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Professional Student Guide- FAQs


I would like to earn a certificate from Neumann University. How do I get started?
Everyone begins by completing an application form. You can do this online for free at www.neumann.edu. Otherwise, complete a hard copy application form and submit it with a $50 application fee to the Office of Admissions.


But this is only the first step of the application process. After submitting your application you will need to call any previous colleges you have attended and ask that your transcripts be sent in a sealed envelope directly to Neumann University's Office of Admissions at One Neumann Drive, Aston PA 19014-1298.


Taking Classes

Do I have to wait until I am officially accepted before signing up for my first course?
With your advisor's permission you can sign up for a class, in good faith that you will complete the application requirements at your earliest convenience.


How do I register for a class?
A Suggested Program Plan is created with your advisor at your first meeting. This plan will determine which classes you should take each semester to complete your degree. After your first meeting you must initiate contact with your advisor before the start of each semester. You should contact your advisor and ask him/her to sign you up for your next class. He/she will then forward your registration form to the Registrar's Office.


Advisor contact numbers are:
Certificates Programs: 610-361-5440

How will I know where my class will be held?
Class locations are printed on the bill that is sent to you. In addition class locations are posted at several places in the Bachmann Main Building, including the lobby, a few days before the start of classes.


Business Office

Am I billed for the class?
Yes. Once the Registrar's Office has enrolled you for a class the Business Office will automatically generate a bill that is sent 10-14 days before your class starts. However, if you have an outstanding balance from the previous semester you will receive a notice of this rather than a bill. Once an outstanding balance has been cleared you will again need to register for your next class.


What are my payment options?
Our Business Office has several options for paying tuition that you can arrange in advance. These include:

  • Deferral Plan: This partial deferral allows the student to pay one-half the tuition and fees at the publicized due date, with the balance due in two payments later in the semester. Late payment fines apply to missed payments. A $40.00 fee is charged for the Tuition Deferral option.

  • Tuition Management Plan: This 10-month payment plan starts June 1st and extends through March 1st. Students may budget Fall and Spring semester expenses into 10 equal payments. See the brochure in the Business Office for further information regarding this plan. An annual fee which can vary from year to year is charged for this option.

  • Employer-Reimbursement: Typically students are responsible for paying the first semester. After the first semester, the student would be eligible to receive an extension for payment as long as:


  1. A letter is provided from your employer, on company letterhead, stating your eligibility in company program, the percentage of reimbursement and grade needed for reimbursement. This letter is only needed once a year and is valid through August 31 from time of remittance.

  2. A $20 employer reimbursement fee is due upon receipt of letter


Methods of Payment: The Business Office accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards (this process can be done in-person or by phone), debit cards and MAC. Personal checks, certified checks, money orders and cash are also accepted.


Refund policy for withdrawals: The percentage of tuition to be refunded to the student during the fall and spring semesters is as follows:


Students withdrawing before the first day of class


Students withdrawing during the first two weeks


During the third week


During the fourth week


After the fourth week



Discounts: A discount of 20% is given to full time employees under the Camden, Philadelphia or Wilmington Dioceses. However, there are certain programs that are already discounted, and therefore additional discounts cannot apply. Please check with the business office to see if your program is one of them.


If you have any questions regarding the above information, please call the Business Office at 610-558-5505.


The University Store

When and how can I purchase my books?

The Neumann University Campus Store is open every Monday through Thursday, 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM and every Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM.  During the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters the store has extended hours.  These hours are listed on the University Campus Store's website

Textbooks will be available in the University Store approximately 1-2 weeks before the start of class. Payment for textbooks can be made using Master Card, VISA, American Express and Discover, cash, personal check as well as Financial Aid or Student Points if those funds are available. You are always welcome to call our Store for assistance at 610-558-5618. Their fax number is 610-361-5319.


Office of Financial Assistance

How do I find out if I am eligible for Financial Aid?
Federal Aid is available for most degree programs at Neumann University, with the following stipulations:


  • Students should be admitted and matriculated, to apply for Federal aid.

  • Eligibility requirements will vary depending on enrollment status and program.

  • Half-time status necessary for eligibility, and will also vary depending on program.

  • Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year to determine level of Federal Student Loan eligibility. This form is available through the Neumann University website at www.neumann.edu

  • Students must meet academic progress standards set by Neumann University to continue to borrow Federal funds while enrolled in our degree programs.

  • All students may apply for alternative student loans to help with educational expenses.

  • Students may borrow student loans to cover expenses for tuition and fees, along with additional expenses such as books and living expenses.

Questions about any of the above items should be addressed to the Financial Aid Office at 610-558-5521.


Career Center

With whom do I talk about career changes or career plans?
We have a certified Career Counselor in the Career Development Office. You can schedule day or evening appointments by calling 610-558-5537. In addition, once you have become a Neumann University student or alumni you will have access to job postings at: www.collegecentral.com/neumann


Cultural Arts

What types of cultural arts are offered on Neumann's campus?
Each year, the six organizations of the Performing Arts Guild at Neumann University produce more than 25 cultural offerings that include vocal and instrumental concerts, stimulating lectures, art exhibits, and a wide range of theatrical shows for children and adults. We encourage you to take advantage of these programs by calling the Office of Cultural Programming at 610-558-5626.


For further information, please contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at (610) 558-5616 or (800) 9-NEUMANN or feel free to e-mail us at neumann@neumann.edu.




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