Office of Transitional Education

Lori M. Blount, M.S.Ed.

Lori M. Blount, Ed.D.,

Neumann University’s Transitional Education Program is designed for those students who, according to their academic profiles and University-administered placement tests, are identified as being in need of at least one developmental course. The Transitional Education Office’s goal is to support and advance efforts to improve student learning and transitions into and through higher education.

PACE Program

The PACE (Program for Academic Competence and Enrichment) Program, introduced in 1980, is an academic program for students who are placed in more than one transitional course at the time of placement testing.  The PACE Program provides additional support for college success and helps students stay on track to graduate in four years.


  • Individually developed class schedules based on high school record, grade point average, and performance on placement assessments.
  • Simultaneous enrollment in transitional course and subsequent first-year, full credit courses in writing and math. These classes offer specially trained faculty, built-in support, just-in-time tutoring, and self-paced computer labs.
  • Personalized academic advising with professionally trained academic coach/adviser
  • Priority course registration
  • Preferred access to summer programming (SAM Bridge Program and Sophomore SAM Program)
  • Referral to John C. Ford Academic Resource Center (ARC) and Neumann University Writing Center for tutoring, writing support, and Supplemental Instruction.

SAM (Summer Academic Momentum) Bridge Program 

The SAM Bridge Program permits students who are required to enroll in pre-college or developmental level courses during their first of studies to enroll in a six-week summer program prior to their first semester.  This program is offered TUITION FREE.


  • Enrollment in required transitional course(s) for writing and math
  • Development of college readiness and study skills
  • Introduction to online platforms and learning management systems
  • Early connections with fellow classmates, support staff, faculty, and Academic Advisers.
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Sophomore SAM (Summer Academic Momentum) Program 

The Sophomore SAM (Summer Academic Momentum) Program is the partner program to SAM Bridge.  The Sophomore SAM Program allows students who have successfully completed non-credited developmental courses in the previous fall or spring semester to enroll in summer credit-bearing courses at a discounted rate.  Eligible students are invited to participate in either SAM Bridge or Sophomore SAM.