International Students

Neumann University welcomes international students. Our diverse campus is the perfect place for your higher education goals.

Funding for international students comes from personal and family sources and in some cases, from the University.

International students are eligible for grants and scholarships from the University but are not eligible for any type of federal financial aid. To be considered for a University scholarship, you will need to complete the application for admission, along with the International Student Financial Aid Appeal Form. You will be notified if an award has been made.

Private educational loans may be available to subsidize any educational costs including additional expenses. Eligibility for private educational loans is contingent upon approval and based on co-signed credit worthiness. Co-signers must be either U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Here are some great resources to help you while on campus:

International Student Educational Guide

Tips for International Students Adjusting to American College Environments

International Student Services

Handbook for International Students

U.S. Immigration Information