Call for Students to
Submit Manuscripts (Research Papers)


Catalyst: Neumann University Journal of Student Research and Academic Scholarship is seeking submissions for the inaugural edition of the journal.  

The journal welcomes the following types of manuscripts:


  • Empirical Research Studies:  A research paper that reports the results of a study, using data coming from actual observation or experimentation. It also contains interpretations and implications of the data.

  • Action-Based Research Papers: A research paper that serves as a study of attempts to improve educational (or other) practices by groups of participants through their own practical actions and through their own reflection upon the effects and success of those actions. All participants are knowing members and the goal is to improve classroom teaching (or other practical work).

  • Comprehensive Literature Reviews: A research paper providing insight and analysis of the important points of current knowledge and research on a particular topic. Literature reviews are secondary sources and do not report any new or original experimental work.

  • Meta-analysis Papers: A research paper that compares and contrasts the findings of multiple studies on the same topic. It will contain implications for practice, policy, and/or future research. 

  • Conceptual Papers: A research paper that addresses an issue, and proposes a response with the support of relevant research literature. These types of papers are similar to writing an essay.

  • Secondary Data Analysis Papers: A research paper that uses the data from another published study to answer and support a research question. It will contain a support literature review and highlight implications.



Why should you submit an article? Chance to publish work they did in your course in a peer-reviewed  journal and win a monetary research award. If you are thinking of going to graduate school, this is a great way to develop scholarship work for your application.  

How long should the abstract be? 100-200 words


How long should the final article be? If your abstract is accepted, the word count guidelines are 2000-3000 words for undergraduate manuscripts and 3000-5000 words for graduate manuscripts (not including references). 


Who can submit? All Neumann University undergraduate and graduate students who have been accepted into a major.


Have an idea but need help? Contact any of your instructors (past or present) and see if you can turn one of your past assignment into a research article.


Important Dates

December 1, 2018: Manuscript Draft 1 due to
April 1, 2019: Notification of Acceptance Status
September 1, 2019: Manuscript Draft 2 due to
December 1, 2019: Final Manuscript Due to

For more detailed information, contact Dr. Stephanie Smith Budhai and Maureen Williams at