Honors Program


Richard Sayers, Ph.D.

The Neumann University Honors Program is based upon the belief that students who have demonstrated the motivation for learning, a desire to excel, and the capability for leadership should be given the opportunity to develop these abilities. The Honors Program is a two-tiered program consisting of a Freshman Honors Program and a University Honors Program for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students who complete the University Honors Program receive a Certificate of Completion and medallion at the Academic Awards Convocation, and recognition in the Commencement Program.

Learning Outcomes of the Honors Program
The student who successfully completes the University Honors Program will:


  • Express integrated views of the world.

  • Evaluate information and ideas by exercising informed judgment.

  • Apply critical thinking skills to the formulation or evaluation of an idea or thesis.

  • Compose a well-supported thesis that demonstrates a growing level of scholarship.

  • Facilitate a group discussion, presentation or activity in a curricular or extracurricular setting.

  • Report the findings of a research paper in a professional manner.