ROTC ~ Prospective Students

Who Can Join?



Participating Students: The Army ROTC Basic Course (Military Science 101, 102, 201 and 202) is open to ALL Neumann students.


Enrolled Cadets: Army ROTC Basic Course Enrollment Eligibility Criteria:

Academic Status:
Registered for and attending fulltime (in accordance with university policy - usually 12 or more credit hours) a regular course of instruction resulting in an accredited undergraduate or graduate degree at a host or partnership school.

Conscientious Objection:
(a) U.S. Citizen and is not a conscientious objector,  (b) Enrolled alien student (exempt by statute),  (c) Students required by their school to take military training.

Good moral character. No domestic violence conviction.

Student does not have any tattoos specifically prohibited by Army policy.

U.S. Citizen or Approval Required:  (a) Immigrant Alien, (b) Refugee (NOTE: Aliens are ineligible for scholarship and SMP, even if approved for enrollment.)

DA Form 3425-R Medical Fitness Statement has been completed and signed by a qualified medical physician (or equivalent statement from university health care provider) showing no medical condition/physical impairment that precludes enrollment in the basic course.