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Live the Truth in Love

Inherent in the mission of Neumann University is the challenge to place knowledge at the service of others. The call to service invites us to be attentive to the needs of all, especially the least among us. Service flows from compassion, love and respect, and leads to identification with and understanding of those whom we serve.


As we planned for this year’s focus on the value of Service, we wanted to celebrate the many ways in which we engage in service to one another, to our students, to our faith communities, and to the larger civic community. We are grateful to all those who agreed to share their stories. This page will be updated frequently to highlight the many ways in which the Neumann University community lives the value of Service.

We are also aware that the stories we have collected through film and our online Service booklet represent only a fraction of the many ways that we, as individuals and as the Neumann community, serve with humility, compassion, and love. We hope that these reflections will inspire and encourage all of us to a renewed commitment to service and to work on behalf of justice, peace, and reconciliation. Special thanks to Patrick Fahy for hours of tireless work preparing the videos which will appear on our websites in the coming weeks!


Featured Video:

Dr. Jenelle Abnett and students from Neumann University’s education program have partnered with CADES (Children and Adults with Disabilities Educational Services) to provide field trip experiences for 16-21- year-old students. The goal is to allow Neumann students to work with people who have severe disabilities and to give CADES students a college experience.

This experience exemplifies the relational value of Service in the Franciscan tradition.