The Institutional Review Board (IRB)

About the IRB

The Institutional Review Board at Neumann University (NU IRB) is responsible for reviewing all human participant research for compliance with federally-mandated research guidelines. Review of research is required for funded and non-funded research and for research conducted by faculty, staff, students, and all those under the purview of Neumann University. Researchers are responsible for submitting the protocol for review in accordance with Neumann University policy as stated in the “Neumann University, The Institutional Review Board: Policies and Procedures, Guidelines, Forms”. The board may approve, disapprove, or require modifications of research protocols in order to approve Neumann University research by faculty, staff or students.

The purpose of NU IRB is to support the ethical use of human participants in research studies conducted by the faculty, staff, and students at Neumann University. Our board members are dedicated to protecting research participants by verifying that research is conducted in compliance with Code of Federal Regulations Title 45, Part 46 (CFR 45:46) and in accordance with the ethical principles described in the Belmont Report, and, to follow the guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), through their Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP). The Office of Institutional Research and Planning supports the functions of the NU IRB at Neumann University.

Preparing Your Proposal for Research

Submitting Your Proposal

Modifying Your Approved Proposal

About IRB: Proposal Review Forms, Policies, and Procedures