Identity, Mission, Vision, Core Values and Goals


Neumann University, founded and sponsored by the Sisters of Saint Francis of Philadelphia, is a Catholic institution of higher education in the Franciscan tradition.


Neumann University educates a diverse community of learners based upon the belief that knowledge is a gift to be shared in the service of others and that learning is a lifelong process.


Neumann University strives to be a teaching university of distinction, providing innovative, transformational education in the Catholic Franciscan tradition. Neumann RISES on the values of Reverence, Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Stewardship and lives the actions these values inspire. Neumann’s curriculum promotes thoughtful and ethical leadership in service and response to a global and technologically complex world.

Core Values






University Goals

Always and everywhere, Neumann University strives to:

- Demonstrate a firm commitment to the Catholic Franciscan tradition.

- Nurture a campus community which lives the values of Reverence, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Stewardship.

- Challenge its students to achieve personal, academic, and professional excellence.

Strategic Goals

I. Expand Visibility

II. Grow Strategically

III. Engage Students

IV. Provide Programming Innovation

V. Transform Spaces