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Highlighted on this page are faculty who have recently presented scholarship at local, national, and international conferences between June 1, 2016, and October 30, 2016.




Photo of David DiMarco, Ph.D.
David DiMarco, Ph.D.
Photo of Ryan Savitz, Ph.D.
Ryan Savitz, Ph.D.


Presentation Title: On resistant versions of the standard score.

Conference (Location): Mathematical Association of America’S Mathfest (Columbus, OH)

Abstract:  Introducing an outlier that is very large to a data sample results in the z-scores of the other data values tending to be negative and decreasing in magnitude. If the outlier is large enough, the mean will exceed the second largest value and the z-scores of all of the data values, except the outlier, will be negative. This manuscript introduces variations of the z-score, which are resistant to outliers. These variations replace both the mean and standard deviation in the usual z-score formula with corresponding resistant measures. The breakdown points of the introduced measures will be discussed.

Presenter:  David DiMarco, Ph.D. and Ryan Savitz, Ph.D.





Photo of Sr. Diane Tomkinson, OSF
Sr. Diane Tomkinson, OSF

Presentation Title: Medieval and Contemporary Models of Development in Dialogue with Angela of Foligno’s Liber

Conference (Location): Franciscan Institute, St. Bonaventure University, Franciscan Women: Medieval and Beyond (St. Bonaventure, NY)

Abstract: Linked presentations by Sr. Diane Tomkinson, OSF and Dr. Beth Toler critically examined how the texts and teachings of the late 13th century Franciscan mystic Angela of Foligno exemplify and challenge contemporary psycho-social-spiritual models of development as they intersect with the growing trend to integrate spirituality and religion into psychology and the clinical counseling context.

Presenter:  Sr. Diane Tomkinson, OSF




Photo of Laura McLaughlin Taddei, Ed.D.
Laura McLaughlin Taddei, Ed.D.



Presentation Title:  Teaching 21st century skills with Emerging Learning Technologies

Conference (Location):  National Association of Elementary School Principals, Best Practices for Better Schools Conference (National Harbor, MD)

Abstract: This presentation provides participants with resources and best practices in leveraging technology to help students master the 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. The presenters will provide tools and templates that guide moving technology integration from a basic substitution level to redefining the entire learning experience.

Presenter:  Laura McLaughlin Taddei, Ed.D.



Photo of Stephanie Smith Budhai, Ph.D.

Presentation Title:  Leveraging Technology to Increase Students’ Critical-Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity Skills

Conference (Location): Southern Regional Education Board, High Schools That Work (Louisville, Kentucky)

Abstract: This session focuses on technology use to guide students toward critical-thinking, building interpersonal communication, effectively working with teams, and creating and innovating products. Participants will explore ways to prepare students for these 21st century skills while transforming learning experiences by substituting, augmenting, modifying, and redefining technology use in the classroom.

Presenter:  Stephanie Smith Budhai, Ph.D. and Laura McLaughlin Taddei, Ed.D.

Stephanie Smith Budhai, Ph.D.
Photo of Laura McLaughlin Taddei, Ed.D.
Laura McLaughlin Taddei, Ed.D.





Photo of Sr. Patricia Hutchison, OSF, Ed.D.
Sr. Patricia Hutchison, OSF, Ed.D.

Presentation Title:  Giving Students Voice: Learning from Student Reflections on their Transformation during the College Years Engagement

Conference (Location): Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities, The Franciscan Courage to Venture: A Symposium on Preparing Outstanding Leaders for the Modern World (Indianapolis, IN)

Abstract:  Neumann University envisions that “its curriculum promotes thoughtful and ethical leadership in service and response to a global and technologically complex world.” In their senior Capstone course, students write a “transformation paper” describing the factors both inside and outside the classroom that have helped them to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. This presentation shared findings from a research project conducted during the 2015-2016 academic year which collected and analyzed the transformation papers and conducted student focus groups to identify factors which facilitate and challenge student growth intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Presenter:  Sr. Patricia Hutchison, OSF, Ed.D.




Photo of Sr. Patricia Hutchison, OSF, Ed.D.
Sr. Patricia Hutchison, OSF, Ed.D.

Presentation Title: Shaping Faculty as Classroom Leaders of Mission and Values

Conference (Location): Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities, The Franciscan Courage to Venture: A Symposium on Preparing Outstanding Leaders for the Modern World (Indianapolis, IN)

Abstract:  Opportunities to offer formation to faculty in the areas of the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition and a mission to offer higher education based on defined values in this tradition, are well established in most of the colleges and universities in the AFCU. This presentation looks at the results of such formation, both in the classroom and in voluntary attendance at offered events at Neumann University. Accountability for faculty leadership in continuing and promoting the Franciscan Tradition is part of assessment of the university’s goals. This presentation shared data and best practices to demonstrate the pervasiveness of faculty leadership and commitment to mission.

Presenter:  Sr. Patricia Hutchison, OSF, Ed.D.




Photo of Daniel McKee, Ed.D.
Daniel McKee, Ed.D.
Photo of Megan Scranton, Ed.D.
Megan Scranton, Ed.D.


Presentation Title:  The Power of Book Studies in Promoting Professional and Personal Growth in Pre-service Teachers

Conference (Location): Kappa Delta Pi - Biennial Convocation Conference (Orlando, FL)

Abstract:  The presenters will share an instructional strategy designed to support the professional and personal growth of undergraduate pre-service teachers. The specific strategy involves the use of book studies through which pre-service teachers engage in reading and discussing books related to the teaching profession. Positive outcomes of this strategy included enhanced professional knowledge, improved attitudes toward reading, and personal growth through reflection and collegiality

Presenters: Daniel McKee, Ed.D. and Megan Scranton, Ed.D.







Photo of Megan Scranton, Ed.D.
Megan Scranton, Ed.D.

Presentation Title:  Promoting Literacy, Cultural Competence, and Family Involvement

Conference (Location): ASHA (American Speech & Hearing Association, 2016 ASHA Convention (Philadelphia, PA)

Abstract: This presentation will focus on the importance of vocabulary instruction. Participants will learn engaging and effective strategies for teaching vocabulary to all learners, including ELLs.

Presenter:  Megan Scranton, Ed.D.




Photo of Megan Scranton, Ed.D.
Megan Scranton, Ed.D.

Presentation Title: Engaging & Effective Strategies for Teaching Literacy to All Learners

Conference (Location): CSI (Center for Scholastic Inquiry) Academic Research Conference (Scottsdale, AZ)

Abstract: How do we keep students engaged in learning while ensuring their understanding? This presentation focuses on engaging strategies and effective pedagogy in the area of literacy. Specifically, strategies and methods for teaching vocabulary and comprehension are discussed. Participants will leave with a variety of ideas for increasing the engagement of their students as well as improving their pedagogy.

Presenter:  Megan Scranton, Ed.D.





Photo of Theresa Pietsch, PhD, RN, CRRN, CNE
Theresa Pietsch, Ph.D.
Photo coming soon
Sheila Keller, MSN, RN

Presentation Title: Onboarding Nursing Faculty: Using High-Stakes Simulation to Prepare for Accreditation Visits

Conference (Location): International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation, 2016 Simulation & Learning Conference (Grapevine, Texas)

Abstract:  Using principles and standards of simulation, a series of simulations were constructed to support faculty’s knowledge and performance for an upcoming accreditation visit. These faculty-led simulations occurred weekly with key faculty as “standardized members of the accreditation team”, embedded participants, and peer observers. Facilitator cues were used at first to help participants progress through the simulations. Debriefing focused on faculty precision and their ability to amplify the Program’s strengths. Data from pre and post-simulations informed decisions as the simulations progressed. Psychological safety surfaced as an issue for some participants and this required modifications to post-simulations including weekly faculty huddles outside of the simulations.

Presenters:  Theresa Pietsch, Ph.D., RN, CRRN, CNE and Sheila Keller, MSN, RN



Photo coming soon
Andrea DiTrani Lobacz

Presentation Title: Altered Stiffness Regulation Strategies Following Hamstring Strain Injury

Conference (Location): National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA), NATA Clinical Symposia & AT Expo (Baltimore, Maryland)

Abstract:  Hamstring strain injury (HIS) ranks as the highest re-occurring medical problem in sport and recreation and while many risk factors have been explored, injury mechanism evidence remains inconclusive. It is hypothesized that a decoupling between the nervous system and muscle properties results following an initial HSI that has implications on muscle stiffness regulation. The objective of this study was to examine stiffness regulation throughout a joint range during an eccentric perturbation in a previously injured population. Altered stiffness may be attributed to passive tissue properties or neuromechanical dysfunction, which would impair the ability to safely attenuate musculotendinous loads.

Presenter:  Andrea DiTrani Lobacz