TRiO/SSS Program


Are you eligible for the program?

Although not all students will qualify for this program, you may be selected for the TRiO Program if you are:

  1. a U.S. citizen or permanent resident receiving federal loans or grants;
  2. academically at need for services;
  3. income eligible as defined by the yearly U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines and/or;
    View Current Income Eligibility Levels
  4. the first generation in your family to attend college with neither parent
    nor the parent with whom you live or your guardian having graduated from a
    four-year college or university or you are independent and/or;
  5. disabled with documentation.

How does the program select students?

  1. With a limited number of acceptances, the TRiO/SSS program staff will interview and select applicants based on the above criteria and the applicant’s intent to fully use the program’s services and to graduate.
  2. The TRiO/SSS program gives priority to:
    - Incoming freshmen and sophomores who are income-eligible, first generation, and full- time;
    - Incoming freshmen and sophomores who are income-eligible and have a documented disability.