TRiO/SSS Program

Financial Literacy

TRiO Program

Neumann University’s TRiO Program provides financial literacy education to give you the skills necessary to manage your money and become financially independent. TRiO program counselors will be reaching out to you throughout the year with information and newsletters about financial literacy.

The TRiO Program is also a member of CashCourse, a free online financial literacy resource for higher education, used by hundreds of colleges and universities to help students build money management skills. TRiO students are expected to complete one interactive CashCourse financial literacy module every year. 

The CashCourse online course requirements for each year are listed below:

Freshman year: Budgeting Basics
Sophomore year: Be Credit Savvy
Junior year: Paying Back Student Loans
Senior Year: Making the Most of Employee Benefits and Getting Started with Saving and Investing

If you have questions about financial literacy please email or stop by our office in BMB 25.