Test Taking/Test Anxiety

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Test Anxiety

Do you feel anxious about taking tests?

Do you find that no matter how hard you study, you don't
perform as well as you would like on tests?

Relieving test anxiety is a process. Relief does not happen because of what you do at the time of the test. You will feel at peace while you take tests because of what you do SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE the test!

Test Taking Tips

The following tips and tools help alleviate anxiety and improve your test performance.

1. Spread your study time out! Just as physical fitness is not achieved from running on a treadmill once for 5 hours, students can’t master material on an exam by cramming for hours the night before. Instead, fit people exercise multiple times a week for shorter periods of time. The same concept applies to test preparation. Studying for 1-2 hours a day for 5 days before an exam is FAR BETTER than studying for 5 hours the night before an exam.

Eat and drink before you take the test

2. Use study techniques that accommodate your learning style. You can take a Learning Styles Inventory Quiz to learn the best study strategies for you.

3. Eat and drink before you take the test! Your mind is like a car – it runs better after it has been fueled.

4. Now that you have learned about how to prepare for tests, click on the links below to watch short videos about specific tips on taking Multiple Choice and Essay Tests:

Multiple Choice:



Essay Tests: