How to Be a Better Student

How to Be a Better Student

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How can I be more successful academically?

How can I get organized and earn better grades?


Here's how:

  1. Develop a plan to manage your workload at the start of the semester, LIKE WEEK ONE!!
  2. Review all of your syllabi. Highlight ALL due dates, test dates, and class deadlines in a PLANNER. There is a free planner template (pdf) that you may print and keep in a folder, or download it to your computer and type your dates in the planner.
  3. Go to class!! DON’T MISS CLASS unless you are extremely ill or have a true emergency. Although you might be tempted to give yourself a “break” and either sleep or hang out with friends rather than go to class. DON’T. When you miss class, you fall behind and then you actually create more work for yourself because you must get caught up on material that you missed.
  4. Review your class notes for 10 minutes before and after every class – this could be at the end of the day, during lunch or between classes.
  5. Communicate with your instructors. By developing a positive relationship, your instructor will get to know you better. Then it will be easier to ask questions and get help with the class if you need it.
  6. Get help in the class as soon as you need it – DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE!
  7. Follow the 45/15 rule - study for 45 minutes, and then take a 15 minute break. Break time can consist of getting a snack, listening to music, resting, etc. The brain needs rest in order to retain information. Students that study/read for more than 45 minutes with no break may run the risk of “mindless studying” and fail to remember what they read/studied. The only “catch” to this rule is that you must be disciplined enough to take a “break” and return to your study time - DON'T abandon your work!