Faculty Convivium

October 18, 2016
4:45p.m. - 7:15p.m.
Our Lady of Angels Convent

Program of Events:

4:45p.m. — 5:15p.m. Reception: Poster Presentations at Round Tables

On the hunt for critical learning: A scaffolded-collaborative scavenger hunt in a 200-Humanities class
- Gail Corso and Maureen Williams

Gender biases in the Physics classroom: How student evaluations are influenced by their own gender and the gender of their professors
- Etsuko Hoshino-Browne

Empowering students to take control of learning: A guide to implementing the flipped classroom model
- Whitney Impellizeri

Medieval Romance, Saint Francis of Assisi, and the spirituality of kinship
- Claudia Kovach

The PEG Project: Students collaborate to teach a mental health promotion topic
- Marina Espiritu Lutz

What’s in a name?
- Colleen McDonough, Maria de Gordon, and Ramona Palmerio-Roberts

5:15p.m. — 5:30p.m. Presentation

Giving students voice: Learning from student reflections on their transformations during college
- Sr. Patricia Hutchison

5:30p.m. — 6:15p.m. Dinner

6:30p.m. — 6:50p.m. Presentation
Strategies to Improve Black Male Students’ Academic Achievement, Post-Secondary Matriculation, Sustainability, and Graduation Rates
- Kenneth Waters

6:50p.m. — 7:10p.m. Presentation
Flipping the classroom: An activity to facilitate student learning by increasing classroom participation
- Heather Anderson

7:15p.m. Closing Prayer
- Sr. Patricia Hutchison