Athletic training is a field that is expanding rapidly. Due largely to an aging population as well as to a growing awareness of the seriousness of sports-related injuries, the profession is expected to grow an astounding 19 percent by 2028.

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A career as an athletic training professional can be lucrative as well as dynamic. In fact, athletic trainers earn a salary upwards of $82,000 per year, depending on the region. If you’re a local, you may be surprised to learn that Pennsylvania employs more athletic trainers than almost any other state in the U.S.!  


The salary that you can expect to earn as a certified athletic trainer may vary by state. In Pennsylvania, skilled professionals can earn upwards of $60,000 annually. Job prospects in other major cities are attractive as well: In New York, athletic trainers can earn over $70,000 per year, whereas top earners in Washington D.C. have the potential to earn over 100k annually.

Not Your Typical Office Environment: Where Do Athletic Trainers Work?

Certified athletic trainers work everywhere from hospital emergency departments and sports medicine clinics to secondary schools, industrial settings, and professional sports teams.

You may be surprised to hear that athletic trainers have also been becoming increasingly valuable in the U.S. military, where they play a valuable role in ensuring the health and safety of active duty soldiers. Public safety is another setting where athletic training professionals can be of use. Here, they work with firefighters and police officers in preventing injuries in these often strenuous professions.

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