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The School of Business is dedicated to improving the assessment of its courses. The Business Program learning outcomes and course learning outcomes are consistent with the Core Learning outcomes of the Institution. The Neumann University Core Curriculum provides knowledge and skills as well as experiences which facilitate change and personal growth, within the context of Christian Humanism, enlivened by the Franciscan tradition.

Active engagement in the Neumann University Core Experience, including credit-bearing courses and co-curricular activities, provides Neumann University graduates the opportunity to achieve the following learning outcomes.

  • Comprehension: Think critically, creatively, and analytically
    Analyze and solve complex problems; demonstrate quantitative reasoning and scientific literacy; and explore the relationship of contemporary and historical events and issues.
  • Contemplation: Engage in meaningful reflection
    Apply the principles and values of the Catholic Franciscan tradition to personal, professional, and societal questions and issues; engage in self-reflection; embrace life-long learning; discern career and vocational choices; and recognize and appreciate creative expression.
  • Conscience: Act ethically and responsibly
    Demonstrate personal, professional, and academic honesty; accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions; engage as responsible members and leaders of diverse groups; and exercise ethical decision-making, informed by the Catholic Franciscan tradition, in a variety of settings.
  • Compassion: Respect all of creation
    Honor the worth and dignity of each person; interact respectfully in the local and global community; engage in service to promote the common good; and demonstrate environmental awareness and stewardship.
  • Communication: Communicate effectively
    Express ideas clearly and effectively in spoken and written form; use technology competently; and access, evaluate, cite, and credit information using accepted conventions.

Program Learning Outcomes

Major Learning Outcomes

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