Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the undergraduate majors, students will:

  1. Integrate moral reasoning, ethics, and the Catholic Social Teachings into managerial decisions
  2. Participate in activities that improve communities.
  3. Bring career experience through workplace internship into future employment.
  4. Use analytical, reflective, and critical reasoning in decision-making.
  5. Articulate and apply quantitative models, theories, and fundamental principles in accounting, business, computer and information management, marketing, international business, and sports and entertainment management. (This school goal is further delineated in the major outcomes)
  6. Be proficient in the technology and skills appropriate to their major field of study. (This school goal is further delineated in the major outcomes)
  7. Have the global awareness necessary to function responsibly in interdependent economies.
  8. Use appropriate teamwork and leadership to succeed in a diverse environment.
  9. Communicate effectively in writing and oral presentations.

Note: See individual major for major outcomes in addition to
the above School Outcomes

Mapping of the Business Core Courses for Assessment (PDF)

School of Business Public Information (PDF)